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Ha"PeJhewedyou milnJfoire f?ertues : I j}e11~e not for them; iftheir fight cannot command affi, fli~n,let them loft it. TheyJhaOpleafeyet hetter; afteryou ha"'letroubledyour eyes .-little '!'Pith the viewofdeformities; t~nd hy hoD muchmore they pleafe,fomuchmore odioUJ, andli".! tbemfol"Per,fhaUtheft difor~ mitiesappeare. Thu light, aontraries gi"Pt toeach other, in the midfloftheir eumity , th11t one makes th1 other feeme more or iU. Perhaps infome ofthefe (»hich thing.1 doe at once andh11te) myJli!e (h11Ufeeme to fome leffigra"Pe,more ,,..•. ,..u.u if youfind me tJol Dithout cdufejealoUJ, let itple11[eyou it to the nature of thoft vices,which wiOnot he otbemife 'Thefa{hionr ofJome e"Pilsdre hefides the odioifneffi, rtdt,culfJ:ru Tihich to repet~t; utoJeemebitterlymerrJ. I abhorre tomale!jjort »ith Diclc/dneffi, 11ndforbidany laughter here, hut of dijdaine. ll.Jpocrifiejha/J leaJ thu ring; worthily, lthin{e,hecaufe hoth-.Jhe commethnearefl toYertue, a•d u the »r~rfl ofl'ices. /