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~he Vaine,glorious. LIB. II. 1-----1 No way is indire~ ro wealth; whether offraud or violence. Gaine is his godlindfe 1 A which ifconfcience goe about 10 prejudice,and grow rroublefome by exclaiming a. gainft, hcis condemned for a common Barretor. Like another Ah•', he is fickof che next field, and thinks he is ill ftatcd, while he dwds by neighbours. Shortly, his neighbours doe not much more hare him, then he himfelfe. He cates nor (for no great advantage) to lofe his friend, pine his body, damne his foule; and would difparch himfdfwhencorn falls, bur that he is loath to caft away mony oo a cord. Ofthe l"aine,glorious. ALL his humourcifes up inco thefroth ofoftencacion; which if it once fettle, B falls down imo a narrow room. Ifthe exceffe be in the undedlanding parr, all his wiris in print; the preffe bath left his head empty; yea, noronly what he bad, but what he could borrow witbott> leave. If his g orr be in his devotion,he gives nor an Almes bar on record; and if he hove once done wel_!, God hearcs ofit oftco;for upon every uokindncffe he is ready to upbraid him with merits. Over and above his ownedifcharge, he bath fome fatisfa~ions tofpare fort he common treafurc.He can fulfillthe Law with eafe,and carne God with fuperfluity. If he havebellowed but a little fumme in the glni•g,paving,parieting ofGods houfe,ye lhalfind it in the Church.window.Or ifa more gallant humour poffdfe him,he wcares all his land on his back; and walking high, looks over his left (boulder, to fee ifchc point ofhis Rapkr follow him with a Grace. He is proud of another mans horfe; ~nd well C moumed, thinks every manwrongs him, that looks not at him. A bare head in the ftrcer doth him more good then a mealesmeat.He fwearos biggeatan Ordinaty,and talkes ofthe Court with a fimp accent; neither vouch{afes to name any not honourable , nor thofe without Come tcarme offamiliarity, and likeswell to fee the hearer look upon him amazedly , as ifhe faid, How happy is this man that is fo great with Great-Ones!Under pretenceoffeeking for a fcrol ofnewcs,he dtawsoutan handfull ofk!tm indorfed with his own ftile,tothe height: and halfreading every title , p~ffcs over the latter part with a murmur; nor without fignifying, what Lord fcm this, what great Lady the other; and for what Cures; theIaft paper (as it happens) is his newcs from his honourable friend in the Frencb Court. In the midft of dinner, his Lacquay comes fwcatingin, with a fcaled note from his Creditor,who now rhrca- D tens a fpecdy arrcft, and whifpcrsrhe ill newes in his Mafters care, when he aloud names a CounfellorofSratc,2nd profeffcs to know the employment.The fame meffcngcr he callswith an imperious nod; and after expoftulation, where he bath left his fcllowcs,in his car fends him for fame new fpur-lcthcrs or ftoc kings by rhi~ time footed ; and when he is gone halfe the roome, recalls him, and faith aloud, 11 il n• "'""', Ltt thtgrt•ttr h•t;te.l•nttiU1 eome;and yet againcalling him clofer,whifpers (fothatall the Toblc may hear) thAt ifhis crimfo~ f•ttbe rtAdJ •g•infl the d•J, thtrtjl •udno hajlt. He picks his teeth when his ftomack is empty, 2nd calls for Phcfanrs at a common lone. You lhall find him prizing the richcft Iewcls, and faireft horfes, when his purfeyeclds normoney enough for carne!l. He thrufts himfdfe into the before fome great Ladies; and Joycsro befecne necrc the he2d of a great E His talke is howmany Mourners he furnilht with gowncs at his Fathers tunc· roll,how many meffes,how rich his Coat is,and how ancient,how great his alliance: what challenges he harh made and anfwertd; what exploits be did arC•Ies or Ntro· port; and when he bath commcnded others buildings, furnirures, futcs, comporcs thcrR with his owne. When he hath undertaken to be the Broker for fame rich Diamond, he wearcs ir1 2nd palling offhis Glove to ftroke up his haire, thinks no eye fimuld have any other objcd.Encertaining his lricnd,he chides his Cook for no bt t· ~rerctleer.at>a namesrhe dilhcshe meant,and wanes. To conclude, he is ever on the a&ftill aglorious part abroad, when no man caries abafer heart, no man more fordid and carek!fe arhome. He is a Spanilh Souldicronan Italian Theatcr; Bladder full ofwind,a skin full gf words,a foolcs wondc~;,aod a wife mans fook. . oL