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l:t Meditations and Fowes. Cent. I. - 81 A I have not been in others breafts:but,for my own part,I never tailed of ought,that might defetve thename of ~eafute. And, if! could, yet~ thoufand pleafutes c.annot couotervaile one totment : ecaufe the one may be exq01fite; the other,not wtthout compofition.And,ifnotonetorment,much ldfe a thoufand.And ifnot fat amoment, much ldfe fotetetnity.And,ifnot thetotment ofa part,much letfe ofthe whole.For ifthe pain but ofa tooth be fo intolerable,wh.at ~all ~he r~cling 'of the whole body be~ And ifof the body;what fhall that be,whtch ts pumanlyofthe foul<dfthere be pleafures that I heat< not of ,I will be waryofbuying them fo over-dear. 8• As Hypocrifie is a commo.ncou~tetfcit?fall vertues:fo there is no fpe_ciall verrue, which is not(to the the very ltfe oftt)feemmgly refembled,by fame fpwall vtce.So, B devotion is counterfeited by fuper!lition;good tbrift,by niggardlineffc;chariry,with vain.glorious pride. For,as chatity is bounteous to the poor, fo is vain glory to the weal:hy:as charity fu!lains all,for ttuth;fo pride,for a vain praife:both ofthemmake a man courteousand affable.So the fub!lance of every vettue is in the heart : which, fince it bathnota window made into it,by the Cteator of it, (but is referved under lock and key for his ownview) I will judge onll by appearance. I had rather wrong my felf,by credulity;then others,by unju!l cen utesandfufpitions. 83 Every man bath a ldngdome within himfdf:Reafon,as the Princeffe, dwels in the highdl: and inwarde!l tome:the fenfes are the Guard and attendants on the Court; without whofe aid,nothing is admitted into the Prefence : The fupreme faculties (as c will, memory, &c,) are the Peeres: The outward parts,aod inward alfcClions, are the Commons:ViolemPaffions are as Rebels,to di!lurb the common peace. I would not be a Stoick, to have no paffions: for thatwere to overthrow this inward r,ov~rnmentGod bath ereCled in me; but a Chri!liao,to orderthofe I have. And or that I fee,that as (in commotions)one mutinous perfon draweson more ; fo in paffions, thatone makes wayforthe extremityofanother,'(as excetfe of love caufeth exceffe of ~rief,upon the loffe ofwhat weloved:)l will doe as wife Princes ufe,ro thofe they mi OOUbt for faCl10n; fo hold themdown,and keep them bare, that their Very impotency and temifneffe fhall afford me fecurity. 84 Ilook upon the things ofthis life,as an owner; as a !\ranger, As an owner, in their D rlght;as a!lraniTerin their ufe. I fee,thatowni~ is but a conceir, bcfi~es ufiog: I can ufe (as I lawful y may) other mens commodtttcs asmy own; walk mtheir woods lookonthei_rfairhoufes,with as muc.h pleafureas my own; yet agoin, I will uf~ my owo,as tfttwere anothers; knowmg that though I bold them by right , yet it is only by Tenure at will. . 85 Theteis none like toLothersthrce ma!lers;Prayer,Tentation,Meditation.Tenration fiirs up holy Meditation: Meditation pr<pares ro prayer: and Prayer makes profit of Tentation1and fercheth alldivine knowledge from Heaven. Ofothers,[may learn the Theory ofDivinitylofthefeonly,the PraCtice. Other ma!lers teach me by rote to fpeak p arrot-lile ofheavenly things;thefealone,with feeling and underll:andin<>,' E 86 ° AlfeClation is the greateft enemy both ofdoing well,andgood acceptance ofwhat isdone. I hold it the part ofa wife man, to endevour rather that fame may follow him,thengoe before him. 87 I fee anumber,whicb,with Shimti,whilesthey fcektheirfervant which is riches lofe their foules.No worldly thing fhaij drawme without thegat;s, within which God bath confinedme. 88 Iris an hard thingfora man to finde wearineffe in pleafure,while it la!leth-or contenement inpain,while he is under ir.After both(iodeed)itis eafie : yet both' ~f thefe mull