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_ 'The Epifl}! Vedic_at~or_'.J~· -~-=·~~~-- -fellows: Confecrating them the rather to your name,for that (befides all other refpeCl:s ofduty) they are part of thofe meditations, which in my late peregrination with you, took 'me up under the folitary hils of Ardenna, wanting as then the opportunity oftheir employment. I offer them to you not for that your felfe is not fl:ored with choyce ofbetter; but as pooremen ufe to bring prefents to the rich: Ifthey may car~ 1 .J' ry acceptation from you and bring profit unto any foule, it I r fhall abundantly fatisfie me, who fhould think it honour enough, if I might be vow::hfafed to bring but one pin-to~ wards the decking ofthe Speufe ofChrift; whiles others, out oftheir abundance,adorn her with coftly robes,and rich medals. I commend their fucceffe to God, their patronage to you, their ufe to the world. That God multiply his rare favours upon you, and your worthy Lady; and go you on to favour 1 %ur Worjhips humh!J devoted,