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Cent. Ill. MeditatiOn! and Yowet. A deaths here upon earth. I care not how I live or die,fo I may have nothing bUt life to - look for in another world. 4S Th~ conceit ofpropriety hardens a man again!\many inconveniences,andaddeth much te> our p!eafure.Themotherabides m~ny unquiet nights,many painfull throes, & unpleafant favours ofher child,upon this thought,It is my own. The indulgent father magnifies that in his own fon,whichhewould fcarce like in a ftranger.Thewant ofthis te God-ward,makes us fo fubjel!t todifconteotment,&cooleth our delight in him,becaufe we thiak ofhimaloof,as one inwhom we are not intereffed.lfwecould think,It is my G~d that cheereth me ~ith his prefenc~,& ~leflings,w~ile I profper; that afllitleth me mlove,when I am deJetled; my Sav•our•s at Gods nght hand;my B Angels ftand in his prefence,it could not be but Gods favour would be fweeter , his challifements more ealie,his l>enefitsmore effetlual.I am not min own,whileGod is not mine:and while he is mine,fince I doe poffeffe him,I will enjoy him. c 4' Nature is ofher own inclination froward, importunately longing after that which isdenied her;and fcornfull ofwhat file may have. Ific were appointed that we fbould live alwaies uponearth,howextremelywouldwe exclaim ofwearineffe,and wifbrather that we were not~ Now it is appointed we fballlive herebut a while , and then give room to ollr fucceffors, each one affel!ts a kind of eternity upon earth. I will labour to came this peevifhand fullen humour ot nature, and willlika that beft that muftbe. Alhruc earthly pleafureforfook man,~hen he forfook his Creator; what honeft and holy delight he tookbefore in the dutifull Cervices ofthe obfequious creatures;in the contemplationof that admirablevaricry,&:ftrangeneffe oftheirproperties,in feeing their fweet accordancewith each other,and all with himfelfe~ Nowmoft ofour pleafure is,tofet one creaturetogethet by theearswith another, fporting our fdvcs only with that deformity, whichwasbredthroughourown fault: yea, there have beeo,thalllhave delighted to fee one man fpill anothers bloud upon the fand,and have fuouted for joyat the fight ofthat fiaughtet,which hathfallenout upon nootherquarrell, but the pleafure of the beholders : I doubtnot but as we folace our felves inthe difcord ofthe inferiour creatures,fo the evill fpirirs fport themfelves in our dilfenri. D ons.There are better qualities ofthe creature,whichwe paffe over without pleafure. In recreations,!will chufe thofe whichare ofbeft example,&bell ule;feekingthofc by which I may not only be the merrier,but the better. 48 There is no want for whichaman may not finde a remedy inhimfclf.Doe I want riches~He that defires but little,canootwantmuch.Doe I want friends!IflloveGod enough, and my felfbut enough , it mmers not. Doe I want health! Ifi want it but a little,and recover;I !ball e!leem it the more,becaMfe I wanted.Ifi be long fick, and anrecoverably,I !ball be the fitter and willingerto die;&my pain is fo much lelfe fharp,by how much more it lingteth.Doe I want maintenance~ Alittle,and courfe, will content nature. Let my mind be nomore ambitious, then my back and belly. I E can hardly complain oftoo little. Doel want fieep ~ I amgoingwhither there is no ufe of fi~"P 1 where all reft, and fieep not. Doe I want children ~ Many that have them,w1fb they wanted: It is better tobechildkffe, then croffed with their mifcarriage.Doe ~want learning! He hathnone,thatfaithhe bath enough. The next way to get more,1sto find thou wanteft. There is remedy for all wants, in our fclves, Caving only for want ofgrace: and that, •a man cannot fo much as fee and complain that he wants but from above. • · 49 Everyverruous atlion (like the Sunne cclipfed)hath adouble fuadow ; according to the divers afpetlsofthe beholders: oneofglory,theother ofenvy.Glory follows upon good .defe!fs;E~vy u~on glory. Hethat is envied, may think himfelfwell: for he that env1cs h•m,thmks h•m more then well ,y know no vice in another,whereofa F man