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Meditations and Vower. Cent. Ill. · 94 A Hell it fdfis fcarce amore obfcure dungeon,in col!lparifon ofthe earrh,then emh is in rdpcaofheaven. Here,the moft fee oothing,and tbe beft fee little: Here, half ourlife is night;andour very day is darkndfe,in refpcfr ofGod. The true light ofthe world and the Father oflightsdwelleth above:There is the lightofkoowledge to inform us,& the light of joy to comfort us;without 2ll change of dar~nefs. There was neverany captiveloved his dungeon, and complained when he muft be brought out to light and liberty:Whencethen is this natutall madnelfe in us men, that we delight fo much in this uncleane,noyfome, dark, and comfortletfe prifon ofearth~and thinke not ofourreleafe to that lightfome and glorious Paradifeabove us,without grief and repining~Weare. fure that we are not perfellly well here: ifwe could be as fure that wdhould be better above,we would not fear changing. Cwainly our fenfe tdls us B we have fame pleafure here;&we have notfaith ro alfure us ofmore pleafure above: and hence we fettle our felves to the prefeot, withneglcll ofthe future, though infi- I 1 nitdy more excellent:The heart followes the eyes:aod unknown good is uncared.for. l.f 0 Lord,doethou breakthorow this darknetfe ofignorance,and fairhlefnelfe,whercwith I amcompatfed. Let me but fee myheaven,and I know I !hall defire ir. 95 . ' To be carriedawaywith an alfcfration offame,is fo vaine,andabfitrd,that I \1ronder it can beincident to any wife man. For what a mole-hill ofearth is it, to which his namocao extend,when it is furtheft carried by the wings of repowAnd how !hort a while doth it continue where it is once fpred~Time (the devourer ofhis own brood) confumesbothus &our memories; not bra!fe, nor marble can bear age. Howma- C ny flattering Poets have promifedimmortality ofname to their Princes, who now togetller are buried long fince in forgetfulnetfe! Thofe names and adions, that are onceon the fileofheaven, are paft the danger of defacing. I will not c~re whether I ke knowne, or remembred, or forgotten amongft mm, ifmy name and good atlions may live with God in the records ofet<rnity. . 96 Thereisno man,nornoplace free from fpirits,although they tellifietheir prefence by vifible effetls but in few.Every moo is an Oall to emertain Angels,though not in vifible !hapes,as Ahrab•m and Lot. The evil! ones doe nothing butprovoke us to fin, &plot mifchieves againll us,by coftin~ into our way dangerous objrll:s, by fuggefting finfull motions to our minds , llming up enemies againft us amongft men,by 0 !righting us with terrors in our felves,by accufing us to God, On the contrary, The good Angels are ever removing our hioderances from good, and our occofions of evill,mitigating our tentations1helping us againft o•r enemies1ddivering us from dangers;comfoning us in forrowes;fu!lheting our good purpofcs1and at laft carrying up our foules to Heaven.It would affrightaweak Chrillian that knows thepower and malice ofwicked fpirits,to confider their prefence, and number; but when with the eyesof Elifo•es fervant,he fees thofe on his fide as prefonr, as diligent, morepowerfull ; he cannot but take heart again: efpecially if heconfider, that neither ofthem is without God,limiting theono thebounds oftheir tenwioo;direfring the other in the fafeguard ofhis children.Whereupon itis come to palfe, that though there be muny legions ofDevils,andeveryone more ftrong then many legions ofmen,& more ma- E licious then llrong,yetthe little flockofGods Church liveth and profpercth.I have ever with me invifible friends,and enemies.Theconfideratiou ofmineenemi<s lhall keep me from f<cutity,and make me fearful! ofdoing ought to advonrage them. The confideratioo ofmy fpirituall friends !ha! comfort me againll the terror ofthe other; !hall remedy my folitarine!fe; !hall make me wary ofdoing ought indecently, grie- .vingme rather,that I have ever heretofotemade them turn away their eyes for !hame ofthat whereof! have not been 2fhomed; that I have no more enjoyed their fociety ; that I have been nomore affell:ed with theirprefence,Whatthough I fee them not ~ I beleeve them.! were no Chrillian,ifmy faith were not as fure as my feofe. !J7 There is nowordor all:ion,but may be taken with two hands;ei1her with the right hand