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6o Meditations and Yowes. Cem.JII. - tloings are figured by the Sunne,whofegreat and glorions light is borhnarurall to it A fdfe,aod evercon!tanr.That otherfickle and dimme !tarre is fit enoughfor the night ofmifery,wherein wclive here below.And this firm and beaurifulllight is butgood enough forthat Dayofglory,whichtheSaiots live in. If it begoodliving herewhere ourforrowes are changedwith joyes;whai is it to liveabove,where our joyeschange notd cannot look upon the body of the Sunne: and yet I cannot fre at all without the light ofir:Icannot behold the glory ofthySaints,o Lord;yetwithout the knowledge of ir, lam blinde. If thy creature!be .fogloriousto us here below; how glorious!hall thy felfbeto us whenwe arc above the Sun~ This Sun !hall not !hineupward,where thyglory fhineth:the great«light exrin~ui!hetb the leffer. 0 thou Sunnc ofrighteoufneffe(which !halt only ine ro me when B I am glorified)doe rhouheat,enlighten,comfort me wirh the beames of thy prefence, till I beglorified. Amen. lj FINIS. ' I -- HEAVEN .