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TO THE RIGHT H 0 N 0 V RA B L £, HE N RY Ea ·le ofHuntingdon, Lord Hafl:iogs, ungerfi rd, 'Botreaux, M olines andlvfoile , hu j'v.J.ajrjlies '1.ieurenant in the Counties of uicefler and Rut land, my lingul" good Lord : All incrrafe of true Honour, aud HeJ\'C'n htgrm 11pun Earrh. c - --- - RIGHT HONOVRABLE, · ·· Have undertaken agreat tasl;:, to teach men how to be happy in this life: I have undertaken and performed it: wherein I have followed Seneca, and gone beyond him; followed him as a Philofopher,gone 1 beyond him as a Chrifl:ian, as a Divine. 0 I Finding it a true cenfure of the befl: Moralifis, that they were lilce to goodly Ships,graced with great tides, the Saveguard, the Triumph, the (joodjpeed, and fi.1ch like, when yet I they have been both extreamly Sea-beaten, and at lafl: wracked. The volume is little, perhaps the ufe more; I have I ever thought according to the GreekProverb, t<iya. \:1131\J" ply._ ' )(!<,;,. VVhat it is, even jufl:ice challengeth it to him, to ! E ' whom the Author bath devoted himfelfe: The children of theBondman are the goods ofthe ParentsMafl:er.l humbly betake it to your Honours protection, and your Honour to the protection ofthe Highefl:. Your Honours moll humbly devored in all detf and {crvicc, J os. HaLL. Gt