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Heaven up~nEarth. 67 A in all cafuall matters~ To avoid all idle and impertinent bufinelfes, all pragmati~all - medlin~ with affaitcs of fiate~not to fix our fe!vcs uponany onedbtc, as to be rmpaticnt~fachange, to call back themin~from outward things, and draw it home into it felfe ~ to laugh at and cfieeme hg~tly of others m1f-demeanours ~ Not to depend upon others opinions, but to fiand onou~ownc bottomes ~ to carry ?ur [elves in an honcfi and !imple truth, free from acunous hy_pocn!ie, and affectatwn of fccming other then wcare,and yet as free from a bafc kmd ofcarelefnelfc ~ tomtermcddle retirednelfe with focicty, foas one may give lwcetnelfe to the other, and both to us~ SoOackningthcmiod rhatwemaynor l<Jofenit; and fo bending as we may not break it 1 to makemoltofour fclves, cheating up Qurfpirits with variety ofrecreations, with faciety ofmc'ales, and allorhe~bodily indulgence, f"ving that B drunkenneffe (me thinks) canneither bcfcem a wife Philofopher to prrfcribe, nor a vertuous man to practiCe~ All thefe in their kinds pleafe well, profit much, and arc as fovcraignefor both rhefe, as they are unable to effect that [qr whicl> they are pro- AUowedyc=t by Stlrtca. inhir pounded. Nature tcacheth thee all rhefe lhould bedone, fl1c cannpt re.ach thee to laO: ch~pttrof doe rhem:and y.r doe all thcfe and no more, let me never have rcfi , if t~ou have it. Tranquillity, For neitherare here the grcatelt enemies ofour peace fo much as defcricd afarre off, Stneuw rulcs rc:jttlcd as in• nor thofc that are noted are hereby fo prevenred,that upon moll: diligent practice we fuffidenr, can promifc our felv<s any fecuriry: wherewith who fo inltructed, dare confidently give challenge to all !iniltcr events, is like to fomc skilful! fencer who ltands upon bis ofuall wards, and plaics well; bur ifthere comea firangc fetch of an umvomed blow, is put belides the rules of his Art, and with much lhamc over. ta\<en. And for c rhofe that are knownc, belceveme, the minde ofman is too weake ro bcare our it felfo hereby againfi all onfets. There are light croffes that will rake an e.t!ie repulfe; others yet !lrongcr,rhat lhake thehoufe fide,bur break not in upon us; others vehement,wbich by force make wayto the heart, where they find none, breaking open the doore ofthe foulc thatdenies entrance. Others violent, that lift the mind off " thehinges, or rend the barrcs ofirio peeces: others furious, that rear up the very foundations frmm rbebottomc,lcaviog oo monument hehinde them, bur ruinc. The wife{\ and moll rcfolureMoralifi that ever was, lookr rale when he lho.uld taltc of his hemlock1 and by his timoroufoeffe made fpGrttO thofe that envied his fpecularions.The belt ofthe Heathen Emperours(rhar was honoured with the title ofpie- AntoniusPius ry) jufily magnified that courageofChriltians which made them infult over their An Epillleto D tormentors, and by their fcarlcfnelfeofearth-quakes, and deaths, argued!rhe truth theAflilli COnoftheir Rdigion. It mufibe,it can be none but a divine power, that can uphold the ctrning the mind agaiolt the rage ofmany afllictions, and yet rhegrcatclt crolfes are riot the pnf~cut~ grcate!l: enemies to inward peace. Let us rherefor~ . look up above our felves, and Cbriftiaru. froin tberuleso~ an higher Art~ f~pply the defeas ofnarura!lwifdomo, givin1: fucb mla!ltble dtrecttons for tranqU!lhry, that whofoever lhall follow cannot but live fwwlya_nd with conrinaall del ight, applaudinghitpfelf athome,when all rbeworld , be!ides htm !ball be rotferable. TGwhich purpofe i11hall be reqvifite, firlt W remove / al!caufesofunquiernelfe,and then to fet downJhe grounds ofour happy re • , Difpofidon of 1hework. SECT. IV. f E •' I Fiad on the hand two univcrfal! cnemics:Cilf Tranquillity ; Confciencc of evil! Enrmiesofin. dooe,Senfe or fenrc ofevil! fuffcrcd. The d'olmer in one word, we call !ins, the wndp~ce dilattcr,crofTes. The firlt ofthekmufi be qltitctaken away, the fccond duly remvidC'dimo thcirunlr: t!. pered,erc the heart can be at rofi.'For firlt, how can that man be at peace, that is at , va!tancc \~tth G?d and himfelfc ~ How lhoold peace be Gods gift, if it could be wtthom h1m, tftt could be a'f,ainlt.him ~ It is rheprofdlion offinne, although faire fp~kenatthc6rlt clofing,ro ea perpetual!make-bare betwixt God and man, betwlxt aman and himfdfc. And this enmity, though it doe oorcootinually thew ir felf, (as the 'mortalklt enemies arc noralwaycs in pitched fields one againlt the' other) forrhatthe confcienceis noreverclamorous' but fomc-whilc is !ilcnt, other- The torment whiles with fiill murmurings bcwraycs his miaikd, yet doth.cvennore work fecret o f ::J.nuilconunquierneffc fcience.