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Heaven upon Earth. which like to bodily difeafcs prove wor!e wirh continuance, and growc:s upon us withour age. SECT. v. THere can be therefore no peace wirhour reconciliation, thou cao!l nor be friends with rhy felfe, tillwirh God: forrhy confcience (which is thy bell friend while thou linnell nor) like an honell fervanr takes his Mallers againll thee when rhou hall finned; and will not look llraight upon rhee, rill upon God;not daring to befokind to thee, as to be unfaithfull to his Maker: There can be no reconciliation without remillion. God can neirhrr forget the injury offin, nor dilfemblc hatred. It is for men and thofe ofhollow hearrs,to makepretences contrary to rheir affections: foothings, and fmiles, and embracemens, where we mean not love,are from weakneffe: Either for that we feare our infufficiency ofprefenr revenge,or hope for a litter opportunity afterwards, or for that we defire ro make our furrhera4vantageofhim to whom we mean evill• .;rhefe courfes are nor_incident inro anAlmighty powe!jwho having the command ofal vengeance,can fm•re where he !ill withour alldoubtings ordelayes.There can be no remillion without fatisfdction;neirher dcalerh God with us as we men with fomedefperare debters, whamafter long dilations at payments,and many dayes broken,we alrogether let goe for difability,or at leall difmilfe them upon an eaue compofition. All fins aredebts; all Gods debts mull be difcharged.lr is a bold word,but a rrue; God lhould not be jull,ifany of his debts lhould paffe unfatislied.The conceit of the profane vulgar, makes him a God ofall rnercies;and thereupon hopos for pardon without payment. Fond and ignorant prefumption, todisjoyne mercy and jufticc in him to whom they are barb elfenriall;to make mercy exceed jullice in him, in whom both are infinite. Darell thou hope God can be fo kindtothte,1sro be unjulltoh.imfclfe~God will be jull:go thou on to prefume and perilh. There can be no fat isfaction by any recompence of ours 1 an infinite ju(lice is; offended, an infinite punilhment isdeferved by every fin, and every mansfinnes areasneartoinfinite, asnumb:rcan make them. Our bell endeavour is worfe then finite,imperfect, and faulry.lf it couldbe perfect,we owe it •11 inprefenr; wharwearebound to doe in prefenr, canootmakeamendsforwhar we have not done in time pall : which wh'le we offer to God as good p1ymenr, we doe with the profane uavdler thinkto pleafe him with empty DJte-OJdls in lieu prefervarion.Where lhall we rhen find apayment ofinfinire value, bur in him which is only and all infinite~ Thedignity of whofe perfon being infinite, gave fuch worrh ro his farisfallion, that what he fuffered in lhorr time, was proportionable eo what we lhould have fwffered beyond all times. He did all, fuffered all,payed all, he did it for us, we in him. Where lhall I begin to wonder ar rhee, 0 rhou divine and erernall Peace-maker, theSaviour ofmen,the Anointed of God, Mediator b:rween God and man, in whom there is nothing which doth not exceed nor only the concelt,but the verywonder ofAngels, who faw thee in thy humiliation with fileoce, and adore thee in thy glory with perpetual! praifes and rejoycings ~ 'Phou wall for ever ofthy felfe as God, ofrhe Father, as the Sonne; the eternal! Sonne of an eternal! Father;not later in being, not lelfe indignity, not other in Subllance. Begotten without diminution ofhim thatbegor thee, while he communicated that wholly to rhee,which he retainedwholly in himfdfe, becaufe borh were infinite without !neq~aliry of nature, without divifion ofelfence; when being in this ellate, thine mfimtelove and mercy to defperate mankind, caufed thee, 0 Saviour, to empty thy fdfe of thy glory, that rhou mighrell put onour lh1me and mifety. Wherefore not ceafing robe God as thou werr, thou beganft to be what thou wert not, Man ; ro the end ~hatthoumightell be a perfeaMediator betwixt God and man, which werr both 10 one perfon ; God, that thoumightellfatisfie; man, that thou mightell fulfer: that fince man had finned,and Godwas offended thou which werr God and Man,mightell fatisfie God for man.Nonebur thy felfe, ~hich an rhe tttrn•flWml, can exprdfe the depth ofrhis myllery,that Godlhould be clothed with flelh,