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Heaven upon Earth. 71 A-many fccrct dumps,fromwhich his guilty heart lhall deny eo be cheated , though - all the world were his min!trdl!Oh plcalilre worthy robe pitied, and lau{.htcr wor. thyofteares that is without this! Goc then, foolilh man,and when thou edc!t any check ofthyfinne fock after thy jocundeftcompanious, deceive the time and thy Tbeyain fdfe with merry p~rpofes, with bufie game~, feaft away t ~y car~s, ~ury them and fhifu of,be rhy fdf in wineand lkep: after all thefe fnvolous defmmgs, 11 Will return upon guilrr. thee when thouwake!t,perhaps ere thou wakeft, nor will be repelled till it have {hewed thee thy hell, nor when it bath lhewed thee, will yet be repelled. So the !trickenDeer having received a de~dly arrow, whofe thaft lhaken out ~arh !eft t.he head behind it runnes from one thicket to another,not able to change bts pa1n With his places, bu; finding his wounds frill the worfe with continuance. Ah foole, thy B foulc fc!tcrcth within,and is affected fo much more dangcrou!ly, by bowmuch le!Tc it appeareth.Thou maieft. while; thy felfe with variety, thou c~n!t not cafe thee. S!n owes thee a fpight,and wtl pay 11 thee,perhapswhen thou art mworft cafe to fu{lam it. This flirting doth bur provide for a further violence at !aft. I have fcene a little llrcam ofno noife, which upon his ftoppage bath fwdledup, and with a loud gulh inghath borne over the heapofrurvcs wherewith it was refilled. Thy death-bed lhall fmarr for thcfewilfull adjourhings ofrernrance;whcreon how many have we beard ravingofrheirold ncflected fins, an fearfully defpairing when they have had moll need of comfort~ nfumme, rhercis noway lour this: Thyconfciencemu!t have<ither fatisfaClion or torment. Difcharge thy linne betimes, and be at peace. He nover breaks his fieepfor debnhat paics whenhe takes up. c SEcT. VII. NEither can it fuffice for peace, to have cro!Ted the old fcrole of our fins, ifwe Sollicit2tiall prevent notthe future; yea theprefent vety importunith of tcntation breeds ofliAnercmcunquieme!Te. Sinne where it hath got an haunt,lookcth or moro,as humours clied. chat fall towardstheirold i!Tue: and if itbe not ftrongly repelled, doth neer as much vex uswith follicirL~g as withyeolding. Let others envy their happinclfe, I lhall n~- v<r think their life fo much as quier,whofe doorcs arc continuallybeaten , and their morning fieep broken with earlyclients, whofe entries are daily thronged with fu. t~rs prclling neer for the next audience; much lc!Tc that through their remi!Te anD fwers are daily haunted with traitors or other inftrumencs ofvillany, offering their mifchievous f<rvicc, and incitingthem to fomc peftilcnt enrerprife. Such are ten. rations to the foul<. Whereof it cannot be rid, fo long as it holds them in any hope ofenterrainment:and fo long they will hope toprcvaile, while we give them but a cold and timorous deniall.Surers arc drawn on with an ealie rcpulfe 1 counting that ashalfgranrcd, whichisbutfaintlygainfaid. Peremptory anfwcrs can only put fin out ofheart for any fecond attempts. 1t is ever impudent when it meets not with a boldheart; hoping to prcvaile bywearying ns, and weary in~ us by inrreaties. Let all fugge!tions therefore find thee refolurc: [u lhallthy foule nd it fdf at rcfi 1 for - as the Devill,fo finne hisnaturall brood, flies away with rcfi!tancr. To which pur. pofe,all oor heady and diford<rcd alfetiions, whicharc the fecrct factors of fin & Sa- The orderin~ E ran, mull be rellraincd by al!rong and yet temperate command ofReafon & Rdig;- ofatfraions. on: thefc, ifthey find the reyncsloofc in their n~cks (like to the wild horfes ofthat challe hunter in the Tragedy)carry us over hils and rocks, and never leave u; rill we be difme!"brcd, and they breathle!Tc: but contrarily, ifthey be pulled in wirh the (udde~ vtolcncc ofa llrait haad,thcy fall to plunging and careering , and never leave ttll thctr faddlc be~mpry,an~ eycn t~cn dan!!c;r~u~y llrikc at their pro!trarc Rider. If thc~e be an~ excrctfc ofChn!han wtfdome, IllS mthe managing ofrhefc unruly affeCl10ns,whtcharc not more nece!Tary in their bc!t ufe, then pernicious in their mif. governance. Reafon bath alwaycs been bulic in undertaking this fo nccdfary amoderation: wherein although lhe have prevailed with fome of colder remper, yet thofe whtch have been of mo~e ft~bbo.rn metal! , !ikc unto grown fcbollers, which fcorn the ferule that ruled thetr mtnonry, have fttll dcfpifed her weak cndcvours. Only