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Hea"Vtll upon Earth. l~ A SECT. IX. APprehen!ion gives life to cro!fes: and iffome belimply, mofr are as they are orc.e!f. taken. I have fcene many, which when God hath meant them no hurt, have ""d"'m'o' framed themfdves cro!fes out of imagination, and have found that infupportable for weight, wh!ch in trmh never wa~,ndther ha~ ever any but a fancied being.Others againe lauglung out heavy atlhchons, for whtch they were bemoaned of rhe beholders. One receives a deadly wound, and lookes not fo m•ch as p~le at the fmart · another heares ofmany lo{fos, and like Zen•, after news ofhis lhipwracke, (as alt~gerherpallion-lelfe) goes to his refi, not breaking an houres lleepe for that, which would breake the heart offome eth<rs. Grunh•m that Saintofours(whom it cannot difparoge that he was referved for our fo loofe an age) can lie fpread quietly up<in the forme looking f~r the Chirurgians kn_if~,bin?ing himfelfas fafr ~ith a re. folved patience,asothersWith firongefr cords,abtdmg hts flelh carvtd,andhts bowels B rified,and not fiirring more then ifhe fdt nor, while others tremble to expeCl, and ibrinke to feele but the prickingofa veine. There can be no remedy for imaginary cro!fes but wifdC>me, whichiliall teach us to efieeme ofall events as they are; like a true gla!fe reprefenting all things to our 111indsin their due proportion. So as cro!fes may not feeme that are not, nor little and gentle ones feeme great and intollerable, Giverhy body Ellebore, thy mind good counfell, thine care to thy friend, andthele fantafricall evills (hall vanithaway like themfdves. SECT<. x. c IT were idle advice to bidmen avoid evils. Nature hath by a fecret infiinchaught or""""d". brute creatures fo much, whether wit or fagaciry: and our felfe-love making the alk•oi<r. befr advantage of reafoo,will ealily make us fo wife and carefull.It is moreworth our labour, lince our life is fo open to calamities, and nature to impatience, to teach men to beare what evils they cannotavoid, and how by a wcl-difpofedne!feofmind wee may correCt the iniquity ofall hard events; Wherein it is hardly credible, how much good Art and precepts ofrefolurion may availe us.I havt feeneone man, by the helpe of a little engine, lift up that weight aloae, which forty helping hands by their cleare tlrength might have indevoured in vaioe.Wee live here in an Ocean of troubles, wherein we can fee no firme land; one wave falling upon another, ere the former have wrought all his fpight. Mifchiefes ftrive for places,as iftheyfeared to lofe their roome ifthey hafted nor.Somany good things as we have, fo many evils Ill arife from their privation; be!ides no fewerreall and po!itive evils that atlliC! us. To prefcribeand apply receits to every particular cro!fe, were to write a Salmeron-like commentary upon Pttr•rcht remedies;& I doubtwhether fo the workewould beperfeCI: a life wouldbe too little to write it,and but enough to reade it. S EcT. XI. THe fame medicines cannot help all difeaf<s ofthebody,of the foule they may. We fee Fencers give their fchollersrhc fame common rules ofpo!irion of warding and weilding their weapon for offence, for defence, againtl ati commers :fuch univ<rfall precepts there arc for cro!fes.In the firfr wherof, I would prefcribe Expechtion,that either killeth or abateth evils. For cro!fes,afier the nature ofthe CO<k•triu, dye, if they be forefeene; whether this providence makes us more frrongtorefifr,orbyfome fecretpower makes them more unabletoa!faultus. Iris E not crediblewhat a fore-refolved mind can doe, can fuffer. Couldour Eno!i(h <.Mil• of whom Sp•ine yet fpeaketh !ince their lafipeacc, have overrhrowne ~hat furiou~ B_eafi, m~de ~ow ~ore violent through t~e rage of his baiting, ifhe had not fetlcd htmfelfe mhiS fiatton,& expe<~ed~The fnghted multitude ranaway from that overea.rnefi fporr, which begun in pleafure, ended in terror. Ifhe had turned his backc With rherefr,where had bin his fafety,where his glory & reward!Nowl!e llood frill , ex~eC!ed, overca!Il<',by one fatt he at once preftrved, honoured, enriched himfelfe. I Evtlls Will come ncverthefoone~ forthatthou lookefr foctliem, they will come the H . _., ea!ier: The 'rftrcrmcdy ofcrot:. frs befon d&CJ co.m~.