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8o Hea'llehuprm Earth. · Jupiter and c.Mtrco~ f violence can fcarce bold them from fJcrificingto him :now A not!I)any houres a ter, gather up fiones againfi him ; hauing in thcirconceits rurned him, from aGod inroa malefador; :md are ready rokill him, in fiead ofkilling a·facrificero him. Suchisrhe multitude ;and fuch the tleddindfeof rbeir honour. There then only i5 true honour, where bloud and verme meere together: the greatneffe wh~eofis from bloud; the goodneffo from vorrue. Rejoyce ye great men, that your blgud is ennobled with the venues and deferrs ofyour ancefiors. This onely is yours: this one!y chal!cngerh all unfained refpeClof yourinferiours. Count it praife-worrhy, nor rbat you have, bur that you deferve honour. Bloudmay be . tainted 1 rhe opinion of the vulgar cannot be confianr; onely verrue is ever like it fclfe, •nd onely winsreverence, even ofthofe that hare it. Without which, greatneffe ii as aBeaconofvice,todraw menseyes rhe more to behold ir: and rhofe that fee itdare loath ir, though they dare nor cenfure it. So, while the knee benderh, B rhe mind abhorreth,and rdlcth the body, ir honours an unworthy fubjecll nvirhin it fdfe, fecretly, comparing that Yicious great man (on whom his fubmiffe courrolie iscafi away) to fame goodly faire bound Stnt<A<S T ragedies, that is curioully gilded without; which ifaman open, he lhall find ThJtflu the rombt ofhis owne children ; or oeiit"' the husband ofhis owne mother, or fome fuch moofirous rare : which he (at once)read•,andhates. SllCT,XX. n.r... "dr•- LEt himthink, that no! only rhefeourward things are not in themfdves ~ood, mtiiy ef enr- but that they expofe their owners ro mifery. For, bdidos that 6od u ua!ly joyM pr~fptri- punilhes our over-loving them, with their !offe, (lxcaufe he thinkes them un- ' Y· worthy Rivalls to himfclfe, who challengerh all height oflove, 2s his only right ) fo c that the way to lofe, is to lovemuch; the largenelfe moreo~er either ofatfedion, or eftate, makes an open way to ruine :while a man w•lks on p13ine ground, he falli Dot ; or, ifhe fall, he cloth bor meafure his length on the ground, and rife againe without harme,but he that cli!I)_bcth high,isin danger offalling; and ifhe fall,ofkil . ling. All the fayles hoifed,give vantage to a tempefi; which (through the Mariners foref~ht giving timely roome thereto) by their fall, deliver the veffell from the dan. ger o that guft,whofe rage now pafferh overwithonlybearingher withwaves for an. ger that he was prevented. So the largerourdl:ate is,rhefairermarke bath mifchiefc giventohir1 and(whkhis worfe)that which makes us foealie to hit, makes our wound more doepe and grievous. Ifpoore C•drta his houfe burne, he fiands by and warmes him with the flame, becaufe he knowes iris but the loffe of an ourlide; which (by garh<cring fame few flicks, firaw, and c!ay)may with littldabour, and D no call, be repaired. But whenthe many lofts of the rich man doe one give fire to another, he cries ouronewhileofhis Counting houfe,anorher while ofhis Wardrobe, thenoffame noted chdl, and fir~ht ot fame rich Cabinet :and lamenting both the frame and the furniture, is the ore imp2tienr, becaufe he had fomething. S&cT.XXI. The naitic o r B Ut,ifrhere be any Sorcereffe upon earth, it is pleafure:which fo inchanteth the p!rafurt;tht thirdcJIItmy mindes of men, and workerh the dillurbance of our Peace, with fuch fecret oathe ri&bt de!ighJ:,thar foolilh men think this want afTw•q•iUitit, happineffe. She tur- ...... nethmcnintofwine, wirhfuch fwectcharmes, that they would not ch2ngerheir brutilb nature, for their former reafon. lt is agood unquietneffe (fay they) that con- E renreth:it is a good enemy that profirerh. Is it any wonder that men lhould be fattilh, when their reafon is mafiered with fenfualiry ~ Thou fool<, t~ pleafure con. rents thee: how much r how long~ If lbe have not more befriende thee than ever ilie did any earthly favorite : yea, ifihe have not given the more, than fl1e bath her fdf; rhy bcft deli~ht barb had fame mixture of difconrenrment. For either fame circum!lance croffcrh thy defire, or the inwarddiftalle of thy confcience (checking thine appetit<)permits thee not lilY entire fruition ofthy joy.Even the fweerefi of•ll llowres