Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

64 nothing but confusion by those additions. Whi le these parties were thus counterworking, the treasure of the kingdome being wasted by court-caterpillars, and parliaments call'd to resnpply the royal! coffers, therein there wanted no t some, that retein'tl so much of the Englitih spirit, as to represent the publick grievances, and desire to call the corrupt ministers of state to an accom1t; but the king, grudging that his people should dare to gainesay his pleasure, and correct his misgovernement, in his favourites, broke up parliaments, violated their privilledges, imprisoned their members for things spoken in the house, and grew disaffected to them, and entertain'd proiects of suppl ie by other grievances of the people. The prelates in the mean time, find ing they lost ground, meditated reunion with the popish f'<lction, who began to be at a prclly agrecm('n t with them'; and now there was no more endeavour in thei!: publick sermons, to confu te the errors of that church, but to red uce om doctrines and thei rs to an accommodation: the king, to bring it about, was deiuded '' into the treaty of a match for his son ne wi th the Infanta of Spaine; and the Prince, with the Duke of Buckingham, privately sent into Spayne, from whence he difficultly came back, but to the greate reioycing of the whole people in gcnerail, who were much aflictcd at his goi ng thither. During thi s treaty the papists got many advantages of the king, to the prciudice of the protestant interest at home and abroad, and the hearts of all but the papis ts were very much sadned, and the people loath to lay the mi scarriages of things at the king's owne dorc, began to entertaine an universall hatred of the Duke of Buckingham, rays'd from a knight's fomth sonne to that pitch of glorie, and en ioying greate possessions, acquir'd by the favour of the king, upon no merit but c The first volume of Clarendon's State Papers abounds with instances. d It is very rare to see a. delusion so long and successfully carried on as this appear!S to have beenJ at the expence of this modern Solomon, in the State Papers just men~ tioned.