Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

68 kingdome, except the duke's owne dependents and kindred, reioyc'd in the death of this duke, but they founde little cause, for after it the king still persisted in his designe of enslaving them, and found other ministe_rs, ready to serve his selfe-will'd ambition, such as were Noy his attorney-general!, who sett on foote that hateful! tax of ship mony, and many more illegal! exact ions; and ten of the iudges who perverted iudgement in the cause of those who rcfus'd the illcgall imposition; although there were even in that time found two honest iudges, who durst iudge rightly against the king, although he had chang'd the words usual! in their commissions, which were Quamdiu bene se gesserint, ' into another forme, Durante bene placita. Besides these, and a greate rascally company of flatterers and proiectors, there were all the corrupted tott'ring bishops and others of the proud prophane clergy of the land, who, by their insolencies, growne odious to the people, bent their strong endeavours to disaffec t the prince to his honest godly subiects, and to gett a pretence of power from him, to afiict those who would not submitt to their insolent dominion. But there were two above all the rest, who led the van of the king's evil! councellors, and these were Laud, archbishop of Canterbury, a fellow of meane extrac tion and arrogant pride, and the earl of Stratford, who as much outstript all the rest in favour as he did in abillities, being a man of deepe pollicy, sterne resolution, and ambitious zeale to keepc up the glory of his own greatnesse. In the beginning of this king's reign, this man had bene a strong assertor of the liberties of the people, among whom he had gain'd himselfe an honorablc reputation, and was dreadfull to the court party, who thereupon strew'd snares in his way, and when they found a breach at his ambition, his soule was that way .enter'cl and captivated. He was aclvanc'cl first to be lord president t u QuarndiU bene se gesserint," during good behaviour, as long as they act right. u Durante bene placito," during the king's good pleasure.