Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

90 from Midd leburgh in Zealand, wherein he intimated, that, if the king wonld retire to some safe place, and declare himself'c, he should be able to waite upon him from thence, &c. Upon this letter and other presumptions, they suspected that the chiele end of the king's going northward, was to seize the magazine at Hull, and arme himselfc from thence, against them; wherefore they sent a petition, for leave to rcmov!( that magazine to the tower of London, and accordingly had sent Sr. John I-Iotham thither to doe it. Sr. John prevented the Earle of Newcastle, whom the king had sent for the same purpose, to seize the magazine, and kept him out; at which the king was much incen;'cl, and on the ZSd of Aprill 1642, went himself'c to Hull, attended with some noblemen, gentlemen, and souldiers, and demanded entrance; but the gates were shutt, and Hotham, kneeling upon the wall, intreated the king not to command that, which, without breach of trust, he could not obey. In conclusion, the king not getting entrance, proclaimed I-Iotham traitor, and sent a complaint of the affront to the parliament. The parliament iustificd Ilotham, many declarations about it were published on both sides, many crosse-commancls, the parliament authorizing I-Iotham to issue out warrants to constables and other officer,;, to come in armed, to the defence of Hull, the king forb_idding it. The king meane while in the north, summon'd divers of the nobility and gen try to attend him, and made speeches to them, to desire a guard for his person, pretending clanger from the parliament. He then began to entertaine souldiers, and was much encourag'd by the defection of divers lords and many of the commons house, who forsooke their trust and came to him at Yorke; whereupon he call 'd those who remain'd only a faction, a pretended parliament, and such names; but they continued sti ll petitioning to him, and the wdl-affected and god ly, in all countries, did the like, that he would returne to his parliament. 'rhe papists all over England were high partakers with him and promoters of hi~ designes, and