Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

97 himselfe honorably, and died remarkably. His eldest sonne' was lord lieftenant of the county, and at that time no nobleman had a greater reputation in the court for learning and generosity then he, who was so high of the king's partie, that the parliament was very much ineens'd against him. Lord Chesterfield and all his famely were highly of the royall party: so was the Lord Chaworth: the Em·le of Clare was very often of both parties, and I thinke never advantag'd either. All the popish gentry were wholly for the king, whereof one Mr. Golding, next neighbour to l'vk Hutchiuson, had bene a private collector of the catholieks' contributions to the Irish rebellion, and for that was by the queene's procurement made a knight and baronett. Sr. John Biron, afterwards Lord Biron, and all his brothers bred up in arms, and valiant men in their owne persons, were all pa,sionately the king's. Sr. John Savill, a man of vast estate, was the like: so were Sr. Gervas Eyre, Sr. John Digby, Sr. Matthew Palmer, Sr. Thomas Williamson, Sr. Roger Cowper, Sr. W. Hiekman, Sr. Hugh Cartwright, Sr. T. Willoughby, Sr. Thomas Smith, Sr. Thomas Blackwell, Markham, Perkins, 'I'every, Pearce, Palme, ·vvood, Sanderson, Moore, Mellish, Butler, with divers others.-Of the parliament men, Mr. Sutton, afterwards Lord Lexington, and Sr. Gen'as Clifton, forsooke the parliament, went to the king, and executed his commission of array. Mr. William Stanhope left the parliament, and came home disaffected to them, whose eldest sonne was after slaine in the king's service. Mr. William Pierrepont,' second sonne of the Earl of Kingston, was of the parliament, e Lord Newark, before spoken of. In Coil ins's Peerage, under the title of Duke of Kingston, there are cited si ngular proofs of th is nobleman's learning. r From this gentleman the !ate Duke of Kingston and the present Earl Manvers are lineally descended. His wi sdom as a. politic ian is sufficiently evinced by this master1y stroke, which decided the fate of the king and the parliament: of his moderati on 'Vhitelock speaks repeatedly: of his eloquence there are preserved by Rush-