Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

127 of note, with which she was convoy'd, by the Earle of Newcastle, to Yorke, and thither came to her the Earle of Montrose, out of Scotland, with a hundred and twenty horse: then Sr. Hugh Cholmly, governor of Scarbol'ough, revolted from the parliament, whereof he was a member, and came to the queene, with three hundred men. Browne Bushell . alsoe, who was left in charge with the towne, yielded it up. Then had the queene's practises wrought so upon the t11·o I-Iothams, that their treason was not all together undis cernecl; but my Lord Fairfax, having only strong presumptions, and no power to secure them, while they had the strong towne of Hull in their hands, it was all he could doe to be vigilant and silent, till God should gi,·e opertunity to secure that great clanger. - My Lord of Newcastle had given the papists in the north commissions to arme in the king's defence,' and now the queene was preparing to march up, with the assistance she had gotten to the king. Those countries through which she was to passe, could not but be sensible of their danger, especially the gentlemen at Nottingham, who were but a few young men, environ'd with garrisons of the enemie, and scarcely firme among themselves, and hopelesse of reliefe from above, where the parliament, strugling for life, had not leizure to bind up a cutt-finger. But God was with them in these difficulties, and gave an unexpected issue. The Earle of Kingston a few months stood neuter, and would not declare himselfe of either party, and being a man of greate wealLh and dependancies, many people hung in suspence, by his example; whereupon the gentlemen of Nottingham often spoke to ' The king pretendPd never to do this himself; but the Earl of Newcastle did it, as most people would in his pla·ce, and avowed it as became him. Sir Philip \1\'arwick recites a witticism of his on the occasion of hi s going to see him at the siege of Hull, where hi s men being very badly entrenched, he said to Sir Philip, who remarked it, "You hear us often called the Popish Army, but you see we trust not in our good u WOl'ks ~, u