Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

IV mily of that name in Hampshire, and whose mother was a :Fiennes. He seems to haYc bestowed a very rational and well-deserved atten· tion upon the writings of Mrs. Hutchinson, and there is a tradition in the family, that although he had many children of his own, he treated with kindness and liberality the last descet\dants of his uncle, and ass isted them with money to fit them out for their emigration. The editor has seen a written memorandum of his, expressing his .regret -at hearing no more of them after their departure. From the circumstance of these, the only grandchildreJl of Col. I-Iutchinson, stand ing in need of tl\is pecuniary assistance, from the mention Mrs. I-Iutchinson makes of her husband's debts, and from an expression contained in that book which she addresses to her daughter Mrs. Orgill, desiring her not to despise her advice though she sees her in adversity, it is highly probable that, even after selling her husband's estates, the sum to be divided left each member of the family in strait c ircumstances. The affection and well-merited esteem with which Mrs. 1-Iutchinson speaks of her brother Sir Alien Apsley, will excite an interest in the reader to know what became of him and his posterity; the short pedigree subjoined will shew, that by two marriages, and by the death of his grandson in his minority, the family of Apsley entirely merged in the noble family of Bathurst, who have adopted the name Apsley as their second title; there are five or six of the family of Apsley entombed in Westminster Abbey, near to the entrance of Henry the Seventh's Chapel. Having traced the manuscript from the hands of the writer to thc•Se of t he editor, in such a manner as to establish its authenticity bejond all doubt; the next, and that not a less important point, is to remove those objections which may be~ raised against the tendency of a work of this nature, and to shew that the assumption of any evil tendency is groundless. That avowed predilection for a republican government, which is