Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

134 of it. ' There was a strong tower, which they call'J the old tower, . built upon the top of all the rock, and this was that place where Queene Isabell, the mother of Kiug Edward the T hird, was surpriz'd with her paramour l\1or timer, who by secret winclings and hollows in the rock came up into her chamber from the meadows lying low under it, through which there ranne a little rivolett, call'd the Line, almost under the castle rock. At the entrance of this rock there was a spring, which was call 'd Mortimer's Wel l, and the caverne Mortimer's Hole: the ascent to the top is . very high, and not without some wonder at the top of all the rock there is a spring of water ; in the midway to the top of this tower there is a littl e piece of the rock, on which a dove-coate had bene built, but the governor tooke downe the roofe of it, and made it a platforme for two or three pieces of ordinance, which commanded some streetes and all the meadowes better then the higher tower; under tha t tower, which was the old castle, there was a la rger cast le, where there had bene several towers and many noble roomcs, but the most of them were downe; the yard of that >nts pre tty large, and without the gate there was a very large ya rd that had bene wall'd, but the wall s were all downe, only it was scituatcd upon an ascen t of the rock, and so stood a pretty heigh th above the streetcs ; and there ,,-ere the ruins of an old paire of gates, with turrets on each side. Before the castle, the towne was on one side of a close, which commanded the fields approach ing the towne; whi ch close the governor afterwards made a platforme; behind it was a place called the Park, that belong' cl to the castle, bn t then had neither deere nor trees in it, except one, growing under the cas tle, which was almost .a Though tl1is description be a good and a just one, it may neverthel ess be acceptable to many readers to see a perspective ,-iew of the castle and town of Nottingham, which will enable them to judge of the strength and importance of the latter .