Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

TII£ LIFE OF MRS. LUCY HUTCHINSON, WRTTTEN llY HERSELF. .A FR.AGJ\1.ENT. THE Almighty Author of all beings, • in his various provide.nces, whereby he conducts the lives of men from the cradle to the tomb, exercises no !esse wisdome and goodnesse then he ma~ifests power and greatnesse in their creation, but such is the stupidity of blind mortalls that insteed of employing their studies in these admirable bookes of providence, wherein God dayly exhibitts to us glorious characters of his love, kindnesse, wisdome, and iustice, they ungratefully regard them not, and call the most wonderful! operations of the greate God the common accidents of humane life, sprycially if they be such as are usual!, and exercised towards them in ages wherein they are not very capable of observation, and whereon they se!dome employ any reflexion; for in things greate and extraordinary a That noble turn of thought which led Mrs. Hutchinson to open her work with th;:mks to he r Maker, instead of apologies to the readers, besides the claim it has to their respect instead of t1 1eir indulgence, will probably, by its originality, recommend itself, and prevent the d istaste which the air of religion, it wears, might give to many, in t imes when it is so little in fashion. It should be born in mind that the usage of the times in which it \V(I.s written was so very different from the present, that those who wi sh to read with pleasure the works then written, will do well to set their taste according to that standard. Through the whole of both these works moral and religious reflections will be seen to a.bound, but so as neither to confuse nor fetter, but rather elevate the mind. B