Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

latter end of the reigne of king James) if that q uietnesse may be call'd a peace, which was rather like the calme and smooth surface of the sea, whose darke womb is all ready impregnated of a horrid : tempest. Whoever considers England, ' will find ill no .small fiwour of God to have bene made one of its natives, both upon sp iritual! and outward accounts . The happinesse of the soy le and ayre contribute all things that arc necessary to the use or delight of man's life. The celebrated glory of this isle's inhabitants, ever since they receiv'd a niention in history, confers some honor upon every one of her chil· dren, and with it an obligation to continue in that magnanimitie ana virtne, IV hi ch bath fam' cJ this island, and rays'd her head in glory, higher then the greate kingdomes of the neighbouring conti- . nent. Brittaine hath bene as a garden enclosed, wherein all things that m_an can wish, to make a pleasant life, are planted and grow in her owne soyle, and whatsoever forreigne countries yield to encrease admiration and delight, are brought in by her fleetes. The p eople, by the plenty of their country, not being forc'd to toyle for bread, have ever addicted themselves to more generous employments, and bene reckoned, allmost in all ages, as valliant warriours as any part of the world sent forth : insomuch that the greatest Homan captaines thought it not unworthy of their expeditions, and tooke greate glory in triumphs for unperfect conquests. Lucan upbraids Julius Cresar for returning hence with a repulse, and 'twas 200 -yeares before the land could be reduc'd into a Homan province, which att length was clone, and suc.:h of the nation, then call' cl Pict.s, as scorn'd servitude, were dri1·en into the barren country of Scotland, where they have ever since remain' cl a perpetual! trouble to the successive inhabib If Mrs. Hu tchinson in. descan ting upon the advantages of her native country, and gi ving almost an epitome of its hi story, should seem to digress a little too much, it is hoped the reader will find beauty and singularity in her sketch sufficient to cxcme it.