Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

11 thing envious att it, us'd her unkindly, yett all ,the suitors that came to them, still turned their addresses to her, which she in her youthful innocency neglected, till one of greater name, estate, and reputation then the rest, hapned to fall deeply in love with her, and to manage it so discretely; that my mother could not but entertaine him, and my uncle's wife, who had a mother's kindnesse for her, perswaded her to remoove herselfe from her sisters envie, by going along with her to Isle of Jcrnsey, where her father was governor; which she did, and there went into the towue, and boarded in a French minister's house, to learn the language, that minister having bene, by the persecution in France, driven to seeke his shelter there. Contracting a deare friendship \vith this holy man and his wife, she was instructed in their Geneva discipline, which she liked so much better then our more superstitious service, that she could have bene contented to have liv'd there, had not a powerful! passion in her heart drawn her back. But at her returne she met with many afiictions, the gentleman who had professt so much love to her, in her absence had bene, by most vile practises and treacheries, drawne out of his senses, and into the marriage of a person, whom when he recover'd his reason he hated: but that serv'd only. to augment his misfortune, and the circumstances of that story not being necessary to be here inserted, I shall only adde that my mother liv'd in my uncle's house, secretly discontented at this accident, but was comforted by the kindnesse of my uncle's wife, who had contracted such an intimate friendship with her, that they seemed to have but one soule. And in this kindnesse she had some time a great sollace, till some mallicious persons had wrought some iealou~ies which were very groundlesse in my uncle, concerning his wife, but his nature being inclinable to that passion, which was fomented in him by subtile wicked persons, and my mother endeavouring to vindicate iniur'ci innocence, she was herselfe not well treated by my uncle, whereupon she left his house, with a resolution to withdrawe herselfe into the island, where the good minister was, and there to weare out her