Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

8 saints.' H e hated persecution for religion, and was allwayes a champion for all religious people against all their greate oppressors. He detested all scoffs att any practise of worship though such a one as he was not perswaded of. Whatever he practiz'd in religion was neither for faction nor advantage, but contrary to it, and purely for conscience sake. As he hated outsides in religion so could he worse endure, those apostacies and those denialls of the Lord and base compliances with his adversaries, whi ch timorous men practise under the name of prudent and iust condes~ensions to avoid persecution. Christianity being in him as the fonntaine of all his vertues, and diffnsing itselfe into every streamc, that of hi s Prudence falls into the nex t mention . He from a child was wise, and sought to by many that migh t have bene his fathers for councell, which he could excellently give to himsclfe and others, and whatever crosse event in any of his aflaircs may give occasion to fooles to overlooke the wisedome of the cl csigne, yett he had as greatc a foresight, as strong a iudgment, as clearc an apprehension of men and things as no man m or~. He had rather a firme impression than a greate memory, yett he was forgettful of nothing but injuries. His owne integritie niade him credulous of other mens, till reason and experience convinc'd him, and as unapt to believe cautions which could not be rcceiv'd without entertaining ill opinions of men, yet he had wisedome enough never to committ himsclfe to a traytor, though he was once wickedly betrey'cl by friends whom necessity and not mistake fo rc'd him to trust.' He was as ready to heare as to give councell, and never p ertinacious in his will when his reason was convinc' d. There wa; 0 Saiut s. An expression commonly used in that time to signify good and relig ious people. P It is not known what peculiar transaction this refers to, though it may be conjectured to refer to the f,dse protestations of Monk and Si r Ashley Cooper n.t the restoTat ion; whom he and many others trusted much agains t their will.