Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

10 full in his as in any soule, rather quick'ned then blinded the eies of his iudgment in discerning the imperfections of those that were mos t deare to him. His soule ever reign'd as king in the internal! throne, and never was captive to his sence; religion and reason, its two favour'd councellors, tooke order that all the passions lwpt within their owne just bounds, there did him good service, and further'd the publick weale. He found such felicity in tha t proportion of wisedome that he enJoyed, as he was a greate lover of that which advanc'd it, learning and the arts, which he not only honor'd in others, but had by his industry arriv'd to be himselfe a farre greater schollar then is absolutely requisite for a gentleman. He had many excellent atLainements, but he no !esse evidenc'd his wisedome in ]mowing how to rankc and use them, then in gaining them. l-Ie had witt enough to have bene subtile and cunning, but he so abhorr'd dissimulation that I cannot say he was either. Greatenesse of courage would not suffer him to put on a vizartl, to secme him from any, to retire into the shaddow of privacy and silence was all his prudence could effec t in him. It will be as hard to say which was the predominant vertue in him, as which is so in its owne nature. He was as excellen t in iustice as in wisedome-the greatest advantage, nor the greatest danger, nor the dearest interest or friend in the world could not prevaile on him to pervert justi ce even to an enemie. He never profcss'd the thing he intended not, nor promis'd what he believ'd out of his owne power," nor fail'd the perfonnance of aniething that was in his power to fullfill. Never fearing aniething he could suffer for the · truth, he never at any time would refreine a true or give a false witnesse; he lov'd truth so much that he hated even sportive lies and gulleries. He was so just to his owne honour that he many times forbore things lawful! and delightful! to him, rather than he would give any one occasion of scandal. Of all lies he most hated hipocrisie in religion, either to complie with changing governments or persons, without a real! per-