Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

IINSON AND APSLEY. Rol: Bar\ John Hl.utcbinson.-Thomas Brown,Esq . :.d son oi OliverHt ---,------, Edmond, iancis, the seventh Andrew, the eighth m. son . Grizell. =]___-----, . daughtere daughter of J ohn Hutchmson,-Mary, daughte~ of liam. ·. Watson. of Bass ford , Mr. Chamberlame. Id d~}h~h~~as Ellis, of Jane, daughter of-ThomasHutchinson. 1 Etenor,daughterofMr. E est aug ter, 0 :, near Lin- Wybam, Esq . Sir George Pier- of Owethorpe, Esq. I GeorgeZouche,ofCodSirWilliam John, Mary: lippa. pont. nor, county of Derby . r---·-----------------,-----' Hutchinson,of Jane, daughter and coheir of Dorothy Hutchinson.-.. ..Warren, Esq. pe, Esq. Mr,Sacheverell,ofRatd if, upon Soar, in the county of Notts. -1 . 18 August. Catherine, daughter of Sir John Stanhope, of Elvaston, Jane Huichinson._., .. Grantham. 's, Covent-T and sister of Philip, Earl of Chesterfield, ob . 1694, ret. I Oz. Buried at St. Paul's Covent.Garden, Middlesex. ------- ----, lsabella.1 Charles Cotton, of Charles. Ob. 1695• lsabella, daughter and coheir 1 Bi:rrisford, county ret . 57 · Buried atT ofSirFranci sBotiler, ofHat1 of Derby, Esq. Owethorpe. field Woodhall, KeBt , One son and four daughters. Berisford, son and heir. Olivia mar. Dr. Stanhope, Dean of Canterbury; Katherine married Sir B. Lucy; and Jane married • Beaumont Parkins, county of Notts. Esq. -------- -,--·----'-----, d Lr"':'chinson .T Bet ty, daughter of John, Earl of Ken--Elizabeth. -Joh n Hamilton, Ead Isabella. i~~~~daugh~~ ~!~~~!: ~~~t:Z~~t~: ~~~YEar~l~e;rc~~~~~~ b~s~::d~n . Second Ob . ere!. Ob. s, P· Esq. First husband. ·---'- -,-----, Sirl ' Elizabeth, daughter1 Norton.1 Judith Scharm. julius. Ob. c::el . Isabella.-Richard Norton,Esq. T < of Dr. P. Waldo. I L of Ixworth Abb<y. Sir Allen Apsley.l Julius. ---:rh~as. Cassandra. Clarissa. lsabelia. N~ton . (The Edi tor. $ir Petfr Apsley. ~ Peter. Cath• Ob. ca::l. Hei1