Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

23 courage, sweete and affable conversation, of a publick spiritt, of greale prudence and reputation, a true lover of all pious learned persons, and no ]esse of honest plaine people, of a most tender conscience, and therefore declaring much for and endeavouring moderation, if it had bene possible in the beginning of our warrs that the greatest wisedomc could have cast on any dropps of healing councel, to have alluy'd the furious rage of both parties- '!'hough never man was a deeper nor truer mourner than he for his first wife, yett that long dropping griefe did but soften_ his heart for the impres•ion of a second love, which he conceiv'd for a very honorable and bcautifull lady, who was Katherine the youngest daughter of Sr. .John Stanhope, of .Elvaston, a noble famely in Derbyshire, by whvm he_had a sonne and two daughters surviving him, not unworthy of their famely. Mr. John Hutchinson, the eldest of his surviving sons, by his first wife, was· borne at Nottingham in the month of September, in the year 1616. That yeare there had bene a greate drought, by reason of which the country would not afford his father any provision for his stables, so that he was forc'd to remoove from Owthorpe to winter in the towne of Nottingham, somew.hat before his lady's time of account. She being in the coach on her way thither, and seeing her husband in some danger by reason of a mettled horse he ridd upon, tooke a fright, and was brought to bed the next day, as they imagin'd some three weekes before her time, and they were confirm'd in that opinion by the weakenesse of the child, which continued all his infancy. When he was borne there was an elder brother in the famely, but he died a child. Two yeares and a half after this was Mr. Gem·ge H utchinson, his younger brother, borne at Owthorpe, and halfe a yeare after his birth the two children lost their mother, who died of a cold she had taken, and was buried at Owthmpe. She was a lady of a noble famely as any in the county, of an incomparable shape and beauty, embellisht with the best eduG