Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

27 needs take her from her parents, allong with her to the court, where she minded nothing but her lady, and grew up so intimate in all her conncells, that the princesse was more delighted in her then in any <lf the weomen about her, ·but when she (the princess) was C<t iTicd away from them to prison, my ladie's brother fctcht her home to his house; and there, although his wife, a most prudent and vertuous ladi e, labour'd to comfort her with all imagi nabl e kindnesse, yet soc cons tant was her friendship to the unfortunate princesse, as I have heard her servants say, even after her marriage, she would steale many melancholly homes to sitt and wccpe in remembrance of her. Meanewhile her parents were driving on their age, in no !esse constancy of love to each other, when even that distemper which had es trang'd her mind in all things else, had left her lo,·e and obedience entire to her husband, and. he retein'd the same fondnesse and respect for her, after she was distemper'd, as when she was the glory of her age. He had two beds in one chamber, and she being a little sick, two wcomen watcht hy her, some time before she died. It was his custome, as soon as ever he unclos'd his eies, to aske how she did ; but one night, he being as they thought in a deepe slecpe, she quietly departed towards the morning. He was that day to have gone a hun ting, his usuall exercise for his health, and it was his custome to hm·e his chaplaine pray with him before he went out: the weomen, fearfu ll to surp rize him with the ill newes, knowing his deare affection to her, had stollen out and acquainted the chaplaine, desiring him to infonne him of it. Sr. John waking, did no t on that day, as was his custome, ask for her, but call'd the chaplaine to prayers, and ioyning with him, in the middst of the prayer, expir'd, aucl both of them were buried together in the same grave. Whether he perceiv'cl her death, and would not take noti ce, or whether some strange sym pathy in love or nature, tied up their lives in one, or whether God was pleas'd to exercise an unusual! providence towards them, preventing them both from that bitter '