Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

36 In the house with Mr. Hutchinson, there was a young gentle• woman, of such admirable temptmg beauty, and such excellent good nature, as would have thaw'd a rock of ice, yett even she could never gett an acquaintance with him: wealth and beauty thus in vaine tempted him, ·for it was not yett his time of love; but it was not tilrre of. He was now sent to London, and admitted of Lincoln's Inne, where he was soone coveted into the acquaintance of some gentlemen of the house, but found them so frothy and so vaine, and could so ill centre with them in their delights, that the towne began to be tedious to him, who was neither taken with wine, nor game, nor the converse of wicked or vaine weomen, to all which he wanted not powerfull tempters, had not the power of God's grace in him bene above them. He tried a li ·tle the study of the law, hut finding it unpleasant and contrary to his genius, and the plague that spring beginning to drive people out of the towne, he began to thinke of leaving it, but had no inclination to retnrne home, finding his father's heart so sett upon his second famely, that his presence was but disturbance; yet his father was wonderfully free and noble to him in allowance, at all places, as large as any of his quallity had made to them, and it was very well bestow'd on him, who consum'd nothing in vaine expence, but liv'd to the honor of his friends and famely. For his diversion, he exercis'd himseltc in those quallities he had not had so good opertunities for in the country, as dancing, fencing, and musick, wherein he had greate aptnesse and addresse, and entertaining the best tutors, was at some expence that way, and loath to leave them of before he had perfected himselfe. However, manie things putting him into the thought worth while to inform the reader of these minute particulars in a note, but for the sake of pointing out the accuracy with which Mr. Julius Hutchinson read and remarked upon this history, and the full knowledge he had of all the circumstances of Col. Hutchinson's life.