Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

41 at dinner bringing newes that her mother and sister would in few cl ayes rernrn; and when they enquir'd of him, whether Mrs. A ps ley was married; having before bene instructed to make them believe it, he snJi lecl, and pull'cl out some bride laces, which were given at a wedding, in the house where she was, and gave them to the young gentlewoman and the gentleman's daughter of the house, and told hem Mrs. Apsley bade him tell no news, but give them those tokens, and carried the matter so, that .all the ~ompanie bclicv'd she had been -married. Mr. Hutchinson immediately turned pale as ashes, and felt a fainting t'o seize his spiritts, in that extraordinary manner, that finding himselfe ready to sinke att table, he was faine to pretend something had offended his stomach, and to retire from the table, into the garden, where the gentlen'lan of the house going with him, it was not necessary for him to feigne sickncsse, for the distemper of his mind had infected his body with a cold sweate and such a dispersion of spiritt, that all the courage he could at present recollect was little enough to keep him allive. His host was very troublesome to him, and to be quitt of him he went to his chamber, saying he would lie downe. Lillle did any of the company suspect the true cause of his sudden qualme, and they were all soe troubled alt it, that the boy then past without further examination. "When Illr. I-Iutchinson was alone he began to recollect his wisdome and his reason, and to wonder att himselfe, why he should be so concern'd in an unknowne person; he then remember' cl the story was told him when he came downe, and began to believe there was some magick in the place, which enchanted men out of their right sences; but it booted him not lo be augrie att himselfe, nor to sett wisedome in her reprooving chaire, nor reason in her throne of councell, the sick heart could not be chic! nor adviz'cl into health; this anxiety of mind affected him so, that it sent him to his bed that afternoone, which indeed he tooke to enlertaine his thoughts alone that night, and having fortified himselfe with resolution, he