Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

Zbe Coen=== of e'a`t. Cepnel 91 pared with Matth. 6. 12. the Laws of fame Countries admit of a Surety for a Criminal; i. e. that one Man :(hall die for another : Thus 'didChriftobey the Law forus, and die for us : Hemais made a Curfe for us Gave himfelf for us-- His Life a Ranfom for us-----The tiff- for the Vnjuft Made Sin for los : All proves he was a Surety for CondemnedCrimi- nals;, and fo died in our ffead, to fatisfie the Law, and Juftice of God ; What the Law could not do----God font his own Son ; i. e. we could not keep it perfecly, nor fatisfie for the breach of it ; therefore Chrift died not only no ro bono, for our good and profit, as theSo- ciniarrs, and our Work-Mongers fay, but noftra see Grati- vice, in our room, hedied for his Church, for us de fa- his Elea, ashe died not for the Holy Angels, tvsfàil. vet he died for their good, and for the whole koothTreat Creation in force fente ; he is the Head, and on tbecove Confirmer of the Angels ; ein is inffead, the papi 2. Sufferings of the Saints are for the good of the see ufiif. Church, but they are not fibftituted to obey cn!y upon á and die in the ilead of others : A Surety to o- fat1sfadi- bey and die for others, as one hash abundantly ro P ',16. proved, is to obey and die iii their stead or room. 8. A Suretyhaving paid all, and fully fatis- fled for Debtors; itfcllows, that neither the Creditor, i3.or the Law can exaa Satisfal.ion of the Debtors, and alfo that the Debtors for whom Satisfaaian is made, íhall be delivered out of Prifon, and bp aaually difcharged and acquited , according to the Time and Terms agreed on betweenthe Creditor,and theSurety. 4 God