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vi To the READER. Things that are Emphatical, _Mould be often re- peated tofix the Matter the better on the Mind of the Hearer, or Reader. Befides, they come in occafonaly upon different Heads : And afo I find the veryfame hail been done by others, who are look'd upon as Stars of the firft Magnitude See the Epiftle to Dr. Manton's Fourth Volume, p. 8. where you have theft Expre ions, viz. Let it not offend thee that forme things are re- peated, which frequently happens in the Courfe of any Man's Miniftry, when the fame Subjea has been formerly handled. Moreover one Reafon of it might be, becaufe ofthe different Times of my Preaching thefe Sermons I being called oft to Preach upon other Sublet-Is betwixt them ; neither do I think any thing is Vnprofitably repeated, it being chiefly to Re- fute the New prevailing Errours about Juii- fcation. Reader, Thou wilt find many of the Efen tial Points of' the Chriffian Religion arehandled in thefe Sermons, (tho but weakly, according to that fmall Gift received ;) And alto thou wilt fee how Vnjuflly I have been mifreprefnted in an Epi¡lle to a certain Iàok lately Publifh- ed not fay that thou haft all the En- largements here Printed, as Delivered when theft Sermons were Preached, efpecially in force of them, for if I had fo done, the Book would have fwelled too big, and indeed it exceeds now what I firft propofed But