Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

14.1..-- The TABLE.' ix II, Prop: That this Covenant was entered into betwixt God the Father, and God the Son, inbehalf of the Elea,. p.10. III. Prop. That the Breach God forefaw would rife, would be very great, opened on Man's part in 4Particulars ; on God's part in 5 Particulars, p.10,11,12,13,4. IV. Prop. That the Breach was occafioned by Man's breaking the Law of his Creation, or the firft covenant, p.14,1 5,16. V. Prop. That there was none in Heavenor Earth that could make up this Breach fave Je- fus Chrift, p.16. VI. Prop. God not irreconcileable, yet aas in a way of abfolute Soveraignty, p.17,18,19: VII. Prop. That this Covenant alone pro- ceeded from theGrace ofGod, p.20. VIII. Prop. That it alto refults from God's Mercy to fuchas were confider'd in Mifery,p.21 S E R M. II. Secondly, The Covenant Tranfaaions pro- pofed to be opened, in 6 general Heads. I. A Treaty held between God the Father and the Son about it. II. An agreement between them inEternity. III. The Mediator of the Covenant chofen, viz. Jefus Chrift. IV. The Ratification of the Covenant. V. TheProclamation, or Proclaiming this Peace. VI. When this Peice did commence, and who are included in it, p.23,24. Of thefirft ofthefe,viz.theTreaty,p,24,25,26 Chrift