Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

'bc c obenant ofl ama wpctw + part for whom it was fhed,or whomhe intend- ed to Redeem thereby, and fo he is deceived; or difappointed. 3. There can be no Univerfal Redemption, unlefs Chrift were a Univerfal Redeemer, but Chrift is not a ,Univerfal Redeemer, Millions of Souls are left under the Power of Sin, and dominion of Satan. q... Will a Man lay down Ten Thoufand Pounds, to purchafe fuch or fuch an Eftate, and will he refufeto part withTenPounds to take up that Eftáte tomake it fore to himfelf ? Brethren, the Gift of Chrift for us, i. e. his laying down his Life is far the greater Gift; and will he do this, and not give the Gofpel to many Nations, nor Faith to believe and re- ceive.hïm, and yet died for them all ? See how Paul argues, Rom. 5. i o. Chap. 8. 32. . 5. Or would Jefus Chrift die for the whale World, and yet refufe to pray for them, that theymayall be Paved ? Sec doh. i 7.9.TheRepro- bate World he prayed not for; yet he prayed for all that fhould be faved : Neither pray Ifor loh.17.2o thefe alone, but for them alfo which (hall believe on me througb their Words ; that World, Chrift is a Propitiation for their Sins ; or had made c 5oh.2.2. their Peace withGod, for he died for Even that World which he takes away the Sins of, he I Joh.I.27 died for, and that All which he draws to him- felf by his Spirit, he died for on the Crofs, he taketh away the Sin of the World by bearin it himfelf, or by fatisfying for the Sins there- of ; He was made Sin for vs that knew no Sin, 2Cor. 5.2 s that we might be made the Righteo;g(nefs ofGod in him . 159