Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

EtyDU-Nap of t02oIQo kt?aLe + Or, thofe Conditions, uponwhich he laid down the Price : Asfor'Example, (faithhe) ` I laydown anHundred Pounds for the Redemption of a ` Perfon in Slavery, upon this Condition, that ` he yield to ferve meSeven Years after ; I mutt ` have his Content before I can Redeem him ; ` and therefore upon thefe Conditions I am ` certainly fufpended from being a Redeemer ; nay, andam no Redeemer of fuch Perfons, if 4 they refufe the Terms : So that for Chrift to be an Univerfal Redeemer, is aCont.radic`Iion. ; for it is to he a Redeemer'of all, ifthey pleafe, but can be a Redeemer of nonebut of fuch that confented to the Terms propofed. q... Betides, this cafteth horridReproach up- on the Son of God, as if he had 'done fome great thing for us, in dying and making our Peace ; when indeed, according to this Noti- on, he doth but deceive poor Creatures; for lie has made their Peace and Redeemed them if they will but get out of Satan's Hands, and break his Chains and Bonds in pieces, and raife themfelves from the Dead, and change their own Hearts, &..c. whereas he knew we were no more able to do this, than to create a new World. Therefore, Brethren, prayobferve ; we affirm, that whatfoever Conditions were agreed upon in the Covenant of Peace, our Lord Jefus Chrift undertook to do and perform them all, both for us, and alto ha us ; 36; I will give them a new Heart, I will take away 26' 27. the Stony Heart, and I will give them a Heart ofFlefh, Iwill put myFear into their Hearts, and fer.31.33 they /hall not departfromme.I will C rcumcife their Hearts