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P 168 VieOtfpiapof 40 leq10l.10 014aCQ * Or, Om.{.7o. Faith, &c. to all, as well as his Son to die for them all, and not let them perifh in their Sins and Unbelief, for whomChrift died ; for with- out Faith all Adult Perfons muff perifh,; And howfhall they believe on him whom they have not heard ? And how (hall they hear without a Preacher ? 3. This Proclamation offers Free Pardon of all Sins, both pail, prefent, and to come, to all that believe in Jefus Chrift : And therefore a final Deliverance from the Curfe ofthe Law, and the Wrathof God, Rom. 8. t. 4. Free Juffification by Chrift alone, is therein offered alfo. 5. With a Supplyofall Grace to theEnd, to all them that are in Jefus Chrift, Phil. 4. 19. 6. It proclaims God to be our Father, and we his Sonsand Daughters, upon receiving Je- fus Chrift, 7. Moreover, where any Elea Sinners are, or dwell, thither the Proclamation (hall, and muff go, to bring them all into the Bonds of the Covenant. 8. And alfowhofoever receive this wellcome News, (hall be favedfromHell, and be Crown- ec4with Glory in Heaven for ever and ever. g. OBlefsGod forthe Gofpel ! for the News of Peace,' and you Sinners fee that you attend upon the Preachingof the Word ofReconcili- ation, for this way he has ordained to work Faith in you : O ! Cry tohim to pour out his Spirit andhelp you tobelieve ; never reff till you have got a 13eárt, a Will to take of the Watçr of Life, IQ. Ter-