Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

'ÏjcCobenant ofpeace opcnc i+ conceive) in refpe& of that great and glo- rious Priviledge of there being thus Married to Jefús Chrift, who before had no Husband, For thy Maker is thy .Husband. 3. From the Confideration, the is delive- red from the shame of being Barren ; fee ver. 4. Cry aloud thou that didít not Travel, &c. 4. Upon the Confiderationof her numerous of-fpring ; For more are the Children of the IDe- folate, than the Children of the Married Wife, faith the Lord, verfe T. Enlarge the Place of thy Tents, and let them firetch forth the Curtains, &c, verfe 2. For thou (halt break forth on the Right Hand, and on th :: Left. This thews, that there fhould be a Multitude of the Gen- tiles Converted unto Jefus Chrift ; yea, a far greater number than of the Jews, which bath been made good in the Gofpel Days, and will yet more abundantly in Times that now draw very near, when the fulnefs of the Gentiles 'thall be brought in : But O ! How barren is the now, that once was the Darling of Heaven, and the only Church and People of God? hardly one Jew to be found throughout the Earth, that 'owns the true Meffiah, or is a Believer, or a true Chriftian. 5. Becaufe fhe (hall never fuffer tame any more, though for a thort Time the was for- iàken, and Teemed not to be regarded by the Lord ; but being now Efpoufed, f%,e fhall per- petually be Beloved, and injoy Chrifts fpecial Favour. 6. From the Confideration of the Cove- nant, that Goc has made with Chrift for 13 4 them