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14 VieDtfp!ap .Of Oforato O ateI Or, Enemy, or to ftand before his Indignation. 4. He hash laid all Mankind, as confidered in the Firft Adam, under the Curfe of the Law, Gal. 3;10. Curfed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the Book of the Law to do them ; yea, the. Elea themfelves by Nature' are .kph. 2. 2, Children of Wrath as well as others : All the World is become guilty before God; fuch is the Nature of the Breach through Man's Sin and Difobedience in breaking the Lawof the Firft Covenant. oh.3. 36. 5. The Wrath of God abides upon all them that believe not : Brethren, the Sentence is paff upon all the whole Race of Mankind, in the Firm Adam, even the Sentence of Ever- yoh.3. i8. laffing Death : They are all condemned al- ready, tho the Sentence is not prefently exe- cuted. The iazsfe IV. PropofLion : That the Breach betwixt ofthegreat God and Man, was occafioned by the violati Breach be- of the Firft Covenant which God entered sixr God . and Man, into with Adam, as the Common or Publick Head and Reprefentative of all Mankind ; which Covenant was a Covenant of Works ; fay, God gave a Law, or entered into a Co- venant of Works with the Firft Adam and his Seed, and in that Covenant he gave him- feif to be our God, even upon the ffric`f and fevere condition of perfell Obedience, perfonally to be performed bá Man himfelf, with that Divine Threatning of Death and Wrath if Gen. 2.17. he broke the Covenant, In the Day thou eateft thereof thou (halt firel die. Yet forme may doubt (as one obferves) whether this was a Co- Petro.