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30 faE /DtfpWp of 010ous emCP + Or, first thi¡g that was propofed to be opened,viz. That there was a Treaty or Treating between the Father and the Son about thus blef ed Covenant of Peace. II. I íhall thew you more fully, That there was an Agreement upon the Terms. Or, That the Son of God did confent to what the Father pro- pofed. T. It is very evident from what hath been (trill con- faid, That God propofed Matters to his own fented to Son or what he mutt do to procure, and eíta- the Fathers binn the Covenant ofPeace ; but let me add propofals here oneor two Scrí tures more to Thew you zn the Co P venant of that Chrift confented unto thofe Propofals Peace. made by the Father, I the Lord have called thee Ifa.42.6,7 in righteoufiefs, and will holct thine band, and will keep thee, andgive thee for a Covenant of the Peo- ple, for a light unto the Gentiles : to open blind eyes, to bring out the Prifoners from the Prifon, and them that fit in darknefs out of the Prifon- Houfe. And in Ifa. 49. 5, 6. it is faid, And nowfaith the Lord that formed me from the Womb to be hip fervant, to bring Yacob again to him, tho Ifrael be not gathered, yet ¡hall I be glorious in the eyes . of the Lord, And my God ¡hall be my firength : And hefaid it ì a light thing that thou fhouldit be my Servant, to raife up the Tribes of j acob, to redore the preferved ofIfrael, Iwill give thee for a light to the Gentiles, that thou mayfl. be my Salvation to the ends of the Earth. Thefe things all Expofitors that are Orthodo' agree were fpoken by Jehovah to jefus Chrift, and do contain Propofals concerning the Covenant of Peace. And now 2, Let