Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

Ebe ea ienant of prate Openeti+ 73 is in and through Chrift as a Prophet. But as Chrift doth not Atone for our Sins as a King, but as a Prieft, fo he doth not give forth Laws, &c. as a Prieft, but as a King ; nor doth he teach, inflru&, or reveal God, and Salvation to us limply as a Prieft orKing, but as a Prophet ; befides there are fome things a- bout theCovenantof Peace, which he doth not fim.ply as a King, Prieft, nor Prophet, but as fimply confider'da Mediator, Surety, and Ye- ftator, I would thereforedelire Mr. Sam. Clark, for ail his Confidence, to confider ofhis great mi- ftake in his late Treaty, * doth it follow(fhould * Mr. it be granted) becaufe Chrifr's A&ive Obedi- Clark's ence doth notproperly belong neither to his Book of Kingly, his Pricfity, nor to his Prophetical Of- fice, that therefore his A&ive Obedience to p.io6,,io7 God's Law, or A&ive Righteoufnefs is nopart of the matter of our Juififcation before God, for may not force things be done by Chrift, as Med.iator, oras Surety, or Teftator., that Both nòt properly relate to either.of his other three Offices ; for evident it is, that the whole of Chriíl's Work in this Covenant of Peace loth not ftrialy belong to there threefold Offices therefore the Scripture gives an account of other Offices betides there, which he exer- cìfeth. But I will proceeda little further toopen the Offices of Chrift in the. Covenant of Peace And; -I. Qf the A-reality of his exercifing of there Offices as Mediator'. a. O