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go SERMONS upon the SERM.XII. ufed by us ; as the greater Veins abound with blood to fupply the lets. Prov. 3. 9. Honour the Lord with thy fubtaöe, and the frftfruits ,of all thy increafe. Though many never forget God more than when he bath ,bleffed them ; it is their duty to make Tome improvement of this Talent alto, Fecl.7. it. Wifdom with an Inheritance is ood: 'Tis good of it felf alone, but 'tie better, more ufeful and be- neficial to our felves and others, when God giveth us with the bleffÿ'ttngs of this life, Wifdome. Wealth is an excellent inftrument whereby a man is ejtabled to. do much good, and is an help to Piety and Charity Poor menare not heeded and regard- ed. So Honour and great Place is an opportunity whereby Grace may put forth it felf with greater advantage, 'Neh. r. II. The Lord Phew me favour .in the fight of this man: For I was the Kings Cup- bearer. He mentions his Relation, as having made an advantage of it. Zhirdly, The Providences we are exercifed withall, whether Mercies or Affliltions, we are to give an account of them. Mercies and Comforts vouchfafed to us by God. 'Tis a naughty heart that would enjoy any thing apart from God, and looketh to his own perfonal contentment more than Gods Glory, foel2. 14. In a ggreat famine they defire plenty, that there may be a Meat-offering and a Drink - offering for the Lord. So for Afflzctions ; God expe&eth fome improvement of them. There is mercy in it, that God will put us under his Difcipline, yob 7. 18. What is man that thou fhouldeft vi at him every morning, and try him every moment ? and we muff account for our a iftions : Amos 4. 2, 3. God reckoneth up our Cha- ftifements. Fourthly, Ordinances and inflituted helps ; they come under a fourfold Notion : Duties, Priviledges, Means,Talents. As Duties injoyned, fo they are part of our homage due to God 'Tis not a matter arbitrary ; there is a tie upon our Confciences to keep us to the due obfervance of them : As Priviledges, Hof. 8. i a. ¡have written to them the ,great things of m Lang. This keepeth us from wearinefs, that we may not confider them as a burthenfome task : They are a great Piviledge, dearly bought : 'Tis by the blood of Jefas that we draw near to God. As Means, for our growth and improvement; that notion is neeeffary, that we may not reft in the work wrought, but look after the Grate difpenfed thereby. There is much difference in doing things as á Task, and ufing them as a Means ; Means are for fome end.. As Talents, for which we muff give an account, which will quicken us to more earneff diligence in the improvement of them. Some do not look upon them as Duties, and fo negle& them ; others not as Priviledges, and fo are not fo chearful in the ufe of them ; others not as Means, and fo reft in the work wrought ; others not as Ta- lents, and 16 are indifferent whether they get good by them yea or no. Secondly, What is it to trade with them? It implyeth, 1: A Corfcianable ufe of all our Gifts. a. A Diligent Improvement of them' to the ends for which they were intended. (i.) That we fliould ufe them well and holily; our Graces well, our Parts well, our Eftates well : Our Gifts and Graces are not for Pride and Oftentation. Open my lips that my mouth may (hew forth thy praife, not my own, faith holy David. The Service of Hell muff not be maintained with the Contributions of Heaven ; nei- ther muff we feek Gods approbation to the fetting tip of our own glory, Phil. i. 15. Some preached the Gafpel out of firife and envy. Unmortified Corruption will make a mans moff excellent Gifts fubfervient to his bafeff Lulls, though'exercifed in the choiceft Duties of Prayer and Preaching. Applaufe, Vain - glory, and furls like carnal motions and ends, may fet tome men on work, and make them prbftirute the fervice of Chriff to their own Lufts. This is not to trade as Fa&ours for God, but to-fet up for our felves. So for Effare ; to fpend it in pomp and vanity, 'cis fon'- in4 to the flefh, Gal. 6. 8. To fpend our Wit, Time and' Strength upon the krvice of' our flefhly Lufts, or to malee our Body a Strainer for meat ant: drink, or a Chanel for Luft to run thorough ; to be all for prefent profit, pleafie and Pre- ferment ; this is inftead of trading with Talents, to ufe them to Gods dilisonour. (a.) That we fhould be laborious according to our Gifts and opportunities. As a Servant is fent abroad to fpy all advantages of gain for his Matter, fo we are feat into the World to take all occafions of doing good, r Cor. 15: 58. Alwayes abound- ing in the work of the Lord. Minifters are to watch for Souls, and Magiftrates are to watch for good, and private Chriftians to be careful to maintain good Works. To do a little good by the bye, will not be accepted; we muff be hard at work for God. Third-