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x SEVERAL SERMONS UPON The Twenty Fifth C H A P T E R OF S` MATTHEW. SERMON I. MATTH. XXV. I, 2. Then fhall the .Kingdom of Heaven be likened unto ten Virgins, which took their Lamps, and went forth to meet the Bridegroom. And five of them were wife, and five were foolijh. WAS Chrifts manner to Inftru& byParables,partly for the greater evidence and force, while heavenly things are reprefented to us in fuch Notions as we do beft underhand ; and partly to teach us the Art of holy Chymifiry, or exrracîing fpiritual advantages out of obvious Occurrences and Occafions. Now Parables are oftwo forts ; Argumentative and Reprefentative : Firft, The Argumentative Parables are fuck wherein force notable Reafon is couched, or Ground is layd for force excellent encourage- ment in our Converfe with God, by fher ing what failed' out among men. In theme Argumentative Parables, the parts òf the Parable are not to be ftrained, but the (cope and Parable it felf is to be regarded : As in the Parable Luke 18. of the unjuft Judge, the (cope is to be regarded, but not the parts ftrained, as if God were to be compared to an unjuft judge. And that famous Parable Luke .er r. 8. concerning fuccefs in Pray- er, where there. is Argrementumá minori ad mains, an Argument from the leis to the greater, though he will not rife and give him as he is his friend, yet becaufe of his Im- portunity he will rife and give him. And thofe paffages of giving good things to our Children, If ye being evil know how to give good things to your Children, how much more Pa your heavenly Father give good things to them that ,tsk hire: Secondly, The other fort of Parables which Ì call Reprefentative, yields. us a no- table delineation of force Heavenly matter, by laying the Scene of it among Earth- ly affairs ; for God is faign to hip to us in our own dialed, and fpeaft as we can underhand. This and the next 'Parable are of this fort. The Occafion of it was thus Our Lord had been difcourfing of the dangerous hate of the latter times, and therefore preffetlr to Watchfulnefi, and timely preparation. This he cloth by three Parables : Firft, By the good Man oftrthe Houle watching againft the coming of the Thief, Matth, C4. 42, 43. By the Parable of the Servant, misbehaving tiri- B feif