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Ver. 19, 2 O, &c xxvth.aapter of St. MAT T HEW. i 0 ture, are fomewhat like the Books of Merchants, of Debtor and Creditor, what returned, and what received. Gods Mercies to us are Booked, fo are our Re.. turns : That Gods Mercies are put upon the Book and Regifter, appeareth by the Expofrulations ufed in Scripture, when God proçeedeth to any particular Judge ment : As for infrante, Opportunities of Grace, and inftruf'tions of the Word ; the Word Preached, 4: tiapwplav, Mat. 24. 54. And the Gofpel of the Kingdom fhail be preached in dl the World, for a Witnefs unto all Nations, and then (hall the End come. God keepeth exact Account : Behold there three years came I feeking Fruit, Luke 13.7. This fecond Epiflle write I unto you, 2 Pet. 3. r. He taketh notice of a former. God remembreth the Prophets words, when the Prophets are dead and gone : Every preffing Sermon, every Notable Help. Thu feconfl Miracle did yu uys in Cana of Galilee, oh. 4. 54. Chrifls fpecial Works and Manifeftations of him - felf ought to be marked, and kept in memory : God Both fo for Deliverances from Danger : Ifa. r s. 11. The Lord ¡hall arifé the fecond time for the Deliverance of hú People : He taketh notice that lie has been once at it, and would be again. So wpat Talents and Gifts we have had, whether five, two or one. Se- condly, On the other fide, all the good that we do ; therefore the Apoftle fpcak- eth of Fruit abounding to his Account, Phil. 4. 57. The Lord taketh notice of our Paithfulnefs in evil times. Mal. 3. 15, 16. And now we call the Proud happy , yea they that work Wickednefs are fet up,' yea they that tempt God are even delivered. Then they that feared the Lord, fpake often one to another, and a Book of Remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord, and thought upon his Name. s Kings 19. 18. Acts 17.ult. Kindnefs to his Servants, Mat. Io.42. And whofoever ¡bad give to drink unto one of tbefe little ones, a Cup of cold Water only, in the Name of a Difciple, be (ball not lofe his Reward. Ecclef. i t. r. Call thy bread upon the Waters, and thou 'halt find it after many days ; 'tis not loft. On the other fide, Injuries done to his People ; he bath a bottle for their Tears, and a Book for their Sorrows, Pfd. 56.8. All the Snares contrived. Den,. 32.34. Is not this laid up in flore with me, and fealed up among my Treafures? Job i 3. 27. Thou looker! narrowly to alt my Paths, thou fetter! a Print upon the Heels of my Feet. Every AE'ion leaveth a Track, every Word, Mat. 12. 36. every Thought,'t Cor. 4. 5. 4J S E, Is our Account ready again¡' that great day of Audit. Mott neglect it, put off the thoughts of it. Take occafion hence to reckon with your felves afore - hand, and fee what an Account you can give to Confcience ; we should prepare more for this Solemn day' of Reckoning, and therefore thould take notice of what we do, and what we receive ; we had need keep a Regifter of every days Work, and every days Mercies. There are three Querrions in Scripture, oftcp ':put them to sour Hearts. Deut. 32.6. Do ye thus requite the Lord, q foolifh Peo- ple and unwire ? is not be thy Father that bath bought thee ? . bath he not made ,thee and eflablifhed thee ? Heb. 2. 3. How ¡hall we efcape if we neglet fo great Salvat#ou.? Ira. 5. 4. What could I have done more for my Vineyard that I have not done in it.? Wherefore when I looked for Grapes, behold it brought forth wild Grapes ? The Profit of daily arraigning Confcience is great. s. It keepeth us fenfible of our Duty, maketh us often have recourfe to Grace , when we continually obferve our Sins, Duties, Af ietions , Mercies, Comforts, .-Opportunities of receiving Grace, and do but intermingle this thought, that one day for all'thefe I mull give an Account. 2. It preffeth us to be more earneft far pardoning Mercy, and every day to make even. This is the great folly of men, that they put off Sin when God dot!_ not put it away: There is an Expreflion often ufed in Scripture, Their Iniquities ¡hall find them out; this Notion of Accounts will help us to underftand it. 'Twas committed many years ago, never heard óf it -fine, but at length they shall hear of it : God reckoneth with them. If men efcape and profper á Month, or a Year, or two, they think all is forgotten, but at length it .findeth them out.. Sins are called Debts, and all Debts lie upon Account againft us, till they be cancelled. Auguflw bought his Quilt of one who dept feeurely, when he Owed an hundred Thoufand Segerces. We may wonder at the Security of Sinners, who Beep when their Damnation gleepeth mot : They run upon the fcore, and never think of a Reckoning. Solomon advifeth a man in áebt, not to flap till he:be delivered like ,a Roe from the Hunter. Prov. 6. 4, 5. 'Tis good Advice to us, to: get our;fpiritual debts difcharged.