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Ver.I9,20.&C. xx v`h Chapter of St. M A T.T H E W. I09. this hope on him, parefieth himfelf as he is pure. 2. 'Tis grofo Self -love, to go as near the brink of Hell and DeftrucTion without falling into it, and to beat down the price of Salvation as low as we can; and he that will do nothing more than what is (imply neceffary to Salvation, will ne- ver be faithful with God. To fave the flake of their Souls, they will ferve God as little as they can. SERMON XIV. MATT H. XXV. V. 24, 25. Then he which had received the one Talent, came and f id, Lord, I knew thee, that thou art an hard man, reaping where thou haft not (owed; and gathering where thou haft not ftrawed. And I was afraid, and went and hid thy Talent in the Earth : Lo, there thou haft that is thine. E have feen the Account and reception of the faithful Servants. We now come to the Matters Reckoning with the unfaithful one. The Order is obfervable : Fin e, He rewardeth the faithful Servants, and then punifheth the carelefs and negligent. His own Nature inclines him to Reward, he doth good, and fheweth Mercy out of his own Self - inclination ; but our Sins force him to punifh. And mark, he that had received one Talent, is called to an account as well he that had received more ; That no man may think to be excufed for the meannefs of his Gifts and place : 'Tis true, he giveth an account for no more than he bath , but for fo much as he bath he mutt give Account. Chriftians that have five or two Talents, muff give an Account for five or two : But Heathens that have but one Talent, the light of Nature, give an account for one. The. Apoftle telleth us, That as many as have finned without the Law, (hall perifh without the Law, but . as many as have finned in the Law, (hall be judged by the Law, Rom..2. 12. Every one according to the Difpenfation they have lived under. The Apoffle intimateth a diftinErion of two forts that are to be judged : 2 Thef. r. 8. In flaming fire, taking Vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not theGofpel of our Lord fefus Chrift. Thofe that have great parts, and great opportunities, will not be accepted with the fame Im- provement that others are that have fewer ; neither from the fame perfon will God accept a like Service when fide, as when well; but according to their abilities and opportunities he doth expeEt. Well, but let us fee what Account he bring - eth that had but one Talent. The Parable offered', Fieft, The Servants Allegation or Lingle. Secandly, The Mailers Anfwer or Reply. We are now upon the former, and there, r. The remote Ce tie of his neglea ; his prejudice againft his Matter. Lord, I knew thou art an hard man, reaping where thou haft not (owed ; and gathering where thou haft not flrawed. 2. The Effeu of this Prejudice ; and fo t í'e next and immediate caufe of this neglea, I was afraid. ;. His Negligence and unfaithfulnefs it'felf, in bringing his Talent without Im- prove:tent ; I went and hid thy Talent in the Earth : and le, there thou haft what is thine. (i.) In