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VIIIAMDIANPAMMM6aiiii.VVinerTaTeMAPI :ViV ii-G VWVii-LWIAMVVVVVNVWV.VVVi'V SERMON I. The Second Epiftie to the CORINTHIANS. CHAPTER V. Verfe i. For We know that if our earthly Houfe of this Tabernacle were di jived, we have a building of God, an Houfe not made with hands, Eternal in the Heavens. HAving (hewed you how much of the true Spirit of Chriftianity lyeth in look - ingto things unfeen : Becaufe the Apoftle goeth on with that Argument, I fhallpurfue it in the following verfes of this Chapter. Paul here rendreth a reafon why he could fo over -look things feen, whether Croffes,or Comforts; And forefolutely venture upon the hope of things unfeen. For we know, &c. In which words, there is not only a reafon rendred of his Courage, and felf deny= ing purfuit of unfeen glory; But alto an Anticipation or fecret Prevention of anObjeeti- on. Some might fay to to him ;There may be a bleffed State to come: But dolt thou certainly know that thou a partaker of that glory? Yeafaith he. We know, &c. The words branchthemfelves into three parts. r. Afappofal of the worfl that could befal him in the world: If oar Earthly houfe ofthis Tabernacle were dißlved idly. A propofal of a glorious eftate to be enjoyed after death : We have a .building of God, an Houfe not made with hands, Eternal in the Heavens. idly. An Affection of his own right, or the application to himfelf, or an affured expedatton of this Bleflèd and Glorious Eftate. We know that we have. 'Tis not a bare Conjeéture, but a certain knowledge, óAfket, We knew. And what is there known ? Not the general Truth only,That there is a building of God, an Houfe not made with hands,. Eternal in theHeavens : But that we have a particular confidence of our own Bleffed Immortality. The Point is This That the difficulties, preffures and dangers of the prefent life, even though they Mould end in death its felf, are a matter of no great Terrour to thofe, who have a Pure confi= dente of their own Bleffed Immortality. I (hall explain this Point by thefe Con fiderations. n. That the prefent life is frail, miferable and trantory, and within a little while; will furely come to an end. zdly. That thereis -a much happier Condition than this world is capable of: Even art abiding Eftate of Bleffednefs which God hath providedfor his people.For the Apoftle fpeak- ing of the prefent life, he calleth it a Tent, but the other is an Houle ; that's an earthly Houfe, this Eternal in Heavens out of the reach of all fublunary dangers., That's art Houfe in which man is Inftrumental in railing it up, or fometimes pulling it down. This is builded without hands by God himfelf, ang continued to us for ever, by his gracious Grant. ;dly. That a fire confidence of this-Happy and !Mead Condition may be had. For 9' A there