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Ìó 'SERMONS upon the SERM.XV, not an efteem of fpiritual Priviledges. There are peccata majoris infamie, and pecca- ta majoris reatus : Some fins in the eye of the world, have more filthinefs and turpi- tude in them ; and fome fins in thc0 eye of God have 'more guilt ; as when we defpife the favour of God, and do not think it worthy our moil fèrious and lively diligence ; the fmallnefs of the temptation aggravateth the negligence. The Ser- vice of God is of everlafling confequence, but the things of the World are of fhort continuance ; all this dull is gone with the fpurn of a foot, one turn of .the hand of God feparateth thy negleaed Soul from thy pampered Body, and then whole are all thefe things ? z Cor. 4. ult. (3.) Negligent Unfruitfulnefs is a breach of Trait, to which we are bound by Covenant, and fo a difappointment of Gods expeEtation. To fortitie this Confe- deration, I need not repeat, that all Gods Gifts to us imply a Trull ; the veryfcope of this Parable fheweth it, and it may be further confirmed by Ifa. 43. 21, 22, 23, 24. This People I have formed for my' fell, they ¡hall /hem forth my praifè. Bat thou haft not called upon me, O Jacob, but thou halt been weary of me, 0 Ifrael: 7boa halt not brought me the fmall Cattel of thy Burnt - Offerings, neither haft thou honoured me with thy Sacrifices. I have not caufed thee to ferve with an Offering, nor wearied thee with Incenfe : Thou haft bought me no Sweet-cane with Money, neither halt thou filled me with the Fat of thy Sacrifices: but thou halt made me to ferve with thy finsi thou halt wearied me with thy iniquities. That where God path given a Peáple ad- vantages, he expefleth anfwerable fervice and Improvement ; and that. we are bound to this by the Covenant of Grace, wherein we give up our felves to the Lord,. for his ufe and fervice : and that God recltoneth upon this. Gen. 18. 19. I know my fervant Abraham, that he will command his Children and his Houthold after him, And Luke 13. 7. Then Paid he to the dreffer of the Vineyard ; Behold, thefe three years have I come, feekinll fruit on this Fig-tree : and Ifa. 63. 8. For he facet, Surely they are my People, Children that will not lie. Only now I prefs, that Un- fruitfulnefs and breach of Trull is a great. Crime, and a difappointingg the righte- ous expeaation of God, a very provoking thing and therefore the floathful Ser- vant that Both not anfwer the Ends of his truft, nor fulfill his Covenant Vow, mull needs be highly culpable, though he fliould not break out into a &s of grofs excefs, and apparent enmity againft God. . (4.) He that ceafeth to do Good, Evil mull needs enfue; and the unprofitable Ser- . vant hath his blots and blemithes, which render him odious unto God. Homines nibil'aggendo, malé agere difcunt; faith Cato. Standing Pools are apt to putrifie; and the Pfálmift faith, Pfal. 14. 2. They are all become filthy and abominable, for there is none that feeketh God. When the Gardiner holdeth his hand, the ground is fòon 'overgrown with Weeds : Sins of Omiffion will make way for Sins of Corn - miffion ; and thofe that negleft Improvement, lofe all reverence and awe of God every day more and more, and fo are given up to an hatred of his People, and many brutifh Lulls : As a Carkafe not embalmed is more noyfome every day. yob 15. 4. Thou çafleFt off Fear, and reftrainefl Prayer before God. r u SE, Let us all be ,ajhamed of our Sloath. There is more evil in it than we are aware of. 1. Confider the Necety of Diligence. There is nothing in Religion can be gotten, kept, increafed or maintained, without great Diligence: No Comfort without it. 2 -Pet. 1. to. Wherefore the rather, Brethren, give all diligence to make your Calling and Election fare. 2 Pet. 3. 14. Wherefore, beloved, feeing that ye look' for filch things, be diligent that you may be found of him in peace. No Grace without it. z Pet. 1. 5. And befides this, give all diligence io adde to your faith venue, and to verrue knowledge. No hope of corn to Heaven without it. Heb. 6. r r. And we defire that every One of you do 'hew the fame diligence to the full affurance of ie to the end. Illi falfi funt ( faith Saluft) qui diverfrmaa res expectant, ignavie vo uptatem, er premia virtutis. 'Tis in vain to think that a loytering Profeffion will ever bring any glory to God, Comfort or increafe of Grace to our (elves, or breed in us any comfortable Hope and expeaation of Bleffednefs to come. All excellent things are hard to come by ; 'tis true in Earthly matters, 'tis much more true in Spiritual. 2. Confider the evil of Sloath. A floathful man and a prophane man differ very little. Prov. 1S. 9. He that is .floathful in work, is brother to him that is a great wafter: the one getteth nothing, an the other fpendeth all. Thou wilt fay, thou art no Drunkard,