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144 SERMONS upon the SeaM,VIII he did prefently underhand it ; and in a moment, by the Light of the Divinity, all things were prefented to him ; fo that he accurately knew the Nature of whatever be had a mind to know. And therefore, then he was not ignorant of thole things that were in the Hearts of Men, and were done fo fecretly, as they were thought on- ly to be known to God himfelf. Thus he knew the fecret Touch of the Woman, when the Multitude thronged upon him, Luk. 8.45, 46. So Matth. 9. 3, 4. When certain of the Scribes Paid within themfelves, This Man blafphemeth : Jefus knowing their Thoo hts, faid, Why think ye evil in your Hearts. He difcerneth the inward Thoughts, and turneth - out the Infide of the Scribes minds : So Matth. 12. 24, 25. Jefus knew their Thoughts, when they imagined that by Beelzebub, the Prince of the Devils he csfl out Devils. But 1110h fully, fee Yoh. z. 24, zS. He committed not himfelf to them, becaufe he knew Al Men, and needed not that any fhould to fti fte of Man ; for he knew what was in Man : It may be,- they knew not themfelves but he knew what kind of Belief it was, filch as would not hold out in time of Temptation. We cannot infallibly difcern Profeffors, before they difcover themfelves : Yet all Hypocrites are feen and known of him even long before they 'hew their Hypocrifie, not by a conje aaral, but a cer- tain Knowledge, as being from, and by himfelf, as God He doth infallibly know what is moft fecret and hidden in Man. Now, if he were 'endowed with fuch an admirable llnderftanding even in the Dayes of his Fléfh, while he grew in Wifdom and Stature, Lok. z. and his Humane Capacity enlarged by Degrees ; what fhall we think of him in that State in which he is now Glorious in Heaven ? Therefore, to exercife this Judgment, he (hall bring incomparableKnowledge, 'fo far exceeding the manner and meafure of all Creatures, even as he is Man ; but his Infinite. Knowledge as God, 'hall chiefly Thine forth in this Work. Therefore, he is a lit Judge, able" to bring forth the fecret things of Darknefs, and Counfels of the Heart, into open and manifeft Light, I Cor. 4. g. and difprove Sinners in their Pretences and Excufes, and pluck off their Difguifes from them. (2.) For yuflice and Righteo.cfnefc. An incorrupt Judge, that neither .doth nor can'erre in Judgment, muff be our Judge. As there is a double Knowledge in Chrift, fo there is a double Righteoufilefs ; one that belongeth to him as God, the other as Man ; and both are exaa, and immutably perfea : His Divine Nature is Holinefs its felf. In him is Light, 'and no Darknefs at all. The leaft Shadow of Injuftice can- not be imagined there, All Vertues in God are, his Being, not fuperadded Quali- ties. God's Holinefs may be refnrnbled to a Veffel of pure Gold, where the Sub - fiance and Luftre is the fame : But ours is like a Velrel of Wood or Earth gilded, where the Subftance and Gilding is not the fame, Our Holinefs is a fuperadded Quality : We cannot call a wife Man, Wifdom ; or a righteous Man; Righteoufnefs. We ufe the Concrete of Man, but the Abftraa of God. He is Love,He is Light, He is Holinefs' its felf ; which noteth the Infeparability of the Attribute from God. ''Tis Himfelf ; God cannot deny. Himfeif: His AEI is bis Rule. Take Peter Martyr's Si- militude : ACarpenter chopping a piece of Wood by a Line or Square, may fometimes chop right, and fometimes wrong ; he cannot carry his Hand fo evenly : But if we could fappofe that a Carpenter's Hand were his Rule, he could not chop amifs. Chritt's Humane Na- ture was fo fanflified, that upon Earth he could not fin, much more now Glorified in Heaven. And there will be ufe of both Righteoufneffes in the lah Judgment ; but chiefly of the Righteoufoefs that belongeth to the Divine Nature : For all the Ope- rations of Chrift are Theandrical ; neither Nature ceafeth to work in them. As in all the Works of Men, the Body and the Soul do both confpire and concur in that way which is proper to either : Only, as in the Works of his Humiliation his Hu- mane Nature did more appear ; fo in the Works that belong to his' Exaltation, and glorified Eftate, his Divine Nature appeareth molt efpecially'in this folemn AEIi- on, wherein Chrift is tó difcover himfelf to the World with the greateft Majefty and Glory ! (3.) For Power. A Divine Power is plainly neceffary, that none may with -draw themfelves from this Judgment, or reift or binder the Execution of this Sentence ; for otherwife it would be pale in vain : Titus z. 1.3. Looking for the bleffed Hope, and glorious Appearing of the great God, and our Saviour jfefus Chrift. Chrift is then to fhew himfelf the Great and Powerful God : His Power is fees in Railing the Dead, in bringing them together in one Place, in opening their Confciences, in calling them into Hell ! Matth. 24. 3o. The Son of Man (hall come from Haven with Poner, and great Glory. (4.) Es`