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Ver. 31, 3 , &C. xxvb Chapter of St; MA TT H E w. 147 °¡udgment, becaufe he is the Son of Man. He hath the Power of Life and Death, to Condemn, and to Abfolve : So A. to. 42 He is ordained of Gcd to be theyudge of the ,Quick and the Dead ; and Ate. r7. 31. He bath appointer' a Day, in which he will judge the World in Ri hteoufnefs, by that Man whom he bath ordained. In all which he alts as the Fathers Vicegereqt ; and after he hath judged, He ¡hall deliver up the Dingdom to God, even the Father, 1 Cor. r 5'. 24: So that the Right of Chrifl as Mediator, is not that which befalleth him immediately from the Right of Creation ; but is derivative, and fubordinate to that Kingdom which is Effentral to him, com- mon to the Father, Son, and Spirit. (4.) This Power which belongeth to Chri/1 as Mediator, is given to him, partly as a Recompénfe of his Humiliation ; of which I hall (peak in the fecond Point. But chiefly, 1. Becaufe it belongeth to the. Fulnefs of his Mediatory Office : And therefore, be- ing appointed King by the Father, his laft Funaion as a King, was to Judge the World. The Mediator was not only to pay a Price to Divine Jullice, and to fepa- rate the Redeemed from the World, by his Spirit converting them to God ; but al- fo to Judge the Devil, and all thofe Enemies out of whofe Hands lie had freed theChurch. He was to fight againft the blind World, and Triumph over them ; and when the World is ended, to Judge them, and call them into Eternal Tore ments. 2. His Office is not full, till this be done : 'Tis a part of his Adminiftration, as Mediator. The Taft Aft of Conqueft, is overcoming his Enemies, and Glorifying, and redrelfing Injuries and Wrongs of his Saints. Secondly, In what Nature he Both aft and exercife the fadgment, as God, or Mani or both. I Anfiver In both : Chrift is the Perron, as God -Man ; yet the Judgment is afted vifibly by him in the Humane Nature, fitting upon a vifible Throne, that he may be 'teen of all, and heard. Therefore, Chrift is fo often defigned by this Exprelfr- on, Son oAMan ; as in the Text, and Matth. s6. 27. and All. 17. 31. and Muth. 26.64. Te ¡hall fee the Son of Man coming in the Clouds, with Power and great Glory, yob. 5. 27. The Son of Man is the vifibleAftor and Judge ; becaufe the Judgment muff be vifible, therefore the Judge muff be loch as may be feen with Bodily Eyes. The Godhead puts forth its felfby the Humane Nature, in which all thefe great Works are afted. 4J S E. You fee what need there is to get in with Chr : Rom. 8. r. There is there- fore now no Condemnation to them that are in Chro. r gob. 2. 28. And now little Chil- dren, abide in him ; that when he Jball appear we may have Confidence, and not be afhamed before him at his Coming. Oh, what a Comfort will it be, to have our Redeemer in our Nature, to be our Judge ! Then we ¡hall fee our Goel, our Kinfmanwhom we have heard fo much of, whom we have loved, and longed for : But the Contemners of his Mercy will find the Lamb's Face terrible. Revel. 6. 16. And _laid to the Mountains and Rocks, Fall upon us, and hide us from the Face of him that frtteth upon the Throne, and from the Wrath of the Lamb. But Believers will find their Advocate their Judge, to reward thofe that truft in him, Pfal. 2. 12. He.that bath fo often plead- ed with God for us, he is to pifs Sentence upon us. Would a Man be afraid to be Judged by his deareft Friend ? or think his Sentence would he terrible? `If the Devil were our Judge, or wicked Men, we might be fad : But 'cis your dear Lord `fefur! Therefore, let us comfort our felves with the Thoughts 6f it. David's Fol- lowers were afraid ; but when he came to be Crowned at Hebron, then he dignified and rewarded them. Chrift's Followers are now defpifed ; but when he hall come in his Glory, they fhall be invited into his Kingdom ; Come ye BleJJed of my Fa- ther. 11 2 SERMON