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i6o 'SERL'lOAIS upon the SERM. XX. Out the Law, is to be ptwilhed ; and Punifhment tòlloweth upon Condemnation, and Condemnation is in this Judgment. Therefore, Pagans and Heathens, that li. ved molt remote from the Tydingssf the Gofpel, and Divine Revelation, muff ap- pear before Chrifls Tribunal, to be judged. But by what Rule ? He telleth us, ci , f. t4, 15. for when the Gentiles, which have not the. Lae, do by Nature the things contain- ed in the Laws ; thefe having not a Lav, are a Lam to then (elves : Which fiee the Work of the Lam written upon their Hearts ; their Confcience alto bearing Witnefi, and their Thoughts the mean while accufnq or excsfng one another. They knew themfelves to have finned by that Rule ; by the natural Knowledge of God, and.fome fènfè of ,their Duty impreffed upon their Hearts : Nature it Leif told them what was well or ,ill done. The Law of Nature taught them their Duty, and had fòme Affinity with the Law of Moles : And the Courte of God's Providence taught, that God was 'placable ; which hath force Affinity with there Golpel Rudiments, and firft Stri- aures. Therefore, the Goodnefs and Long- fuffering of God fhould lead them- to Repentance, Rom. 2.4. Surely then, the Impenitency of the yews will meet with an heavy Condemnation, according to the Proportion of Clearnek in their Revela- tion. 5. Men of all Conditions; high and low, rich and poor, mighty and powerful, or. weak and oppreffed, Kings, SubjePs ; Revel. 20. r 2. I fase the Dead, both fmali and great, Hand before God. No Rank or Degree in thé World, can exempt us. Thefe Diffinitions do not out -live l ime ; they ceafe at the Graves Mouth : there all hand upon the fame Level, and are of the lame Mould. To bridle the Excelles of Power, the Scripture often- telleth us of the Day of Judgment ; how the great Men of the Earth fhall tremble, and the Hearts of the Powerful then be appalled I Revel. 6. 15, 16, 17. They (hall then underftand the diftance between God, and the Crea- ture, when his Wrath and Terrour is in its Perfeltion : Who can {land, when he is angry ? Pfal. 76. 7. 'Tis a wonder, Men will live in a way of Controverfie wilt him, and are fo little moved at it ! No Wrath fo confiderable, as the Wrath of the Lamb ! When their Mediator is their Enemy, none in Heaven or Earth can be- friend them : Thole that, in the Thoughts of Men, are molt fecure, Ring- leaders to others in Sin, that !wear and (wagger, and bear down all before them, and perfift in their Oppofition to Chrift with the greateft Confidence ; will be found the Brea- . teft and molt defperate Cowards then ! Now there Gallants ruffle ir, as if they would bid 'defiance to Chrift, and his Wayes : Oh ! how pufillanimous and fear- ful then ? Appear they muff; though they cannot abide it : What Torture do they endure between thefe two, The necrlry of Appearing, and The impdibility of Endes.. ring l Oh !, the Great Ones then would gladly change Power with the meaneft Saint. Then they know what an excellent thing it is to have the Favour of God, and of what worth and value Godlinefs is ; and how much a good Confcience exceedeth all the Glory of the World ; and what an Advantage it is to have Peace made with God. 6. Not only fame of all forts, or of all Nations, but every individual P-rfon. In one Place the Apoffle faith, All of ua, colleilivé, 2 Car. 5. t o. in another Place, di- fributivé, Every one of us, Rom. 14.1a. Not only all, but every one e Not all, fhutfled together in grofs ; but every one, feverafly and apart, is to give an 'Account of his Wayes and A&ions to God. îJ S E. If there things be fo, That all Places ¡hall give up their Dead, and all thole Nations that differ fo much one from another in Tongues, Rights, and Cuffoms of Living,. and difiance of Habitation, !hall be gathered together into one Place, and not left fcattered up and down the World ; there are many wayes to fhift Mens Courts and Tribunals, (they may fly the Country, or bribe the Judge) but there is no fhunning the Bar Of Chrift : Oh then ! let the Thought of this make us more watchful and ferious ! 1. In this 9udgment there is no Exemption e For all are fummoned, frhall and great ; and whether they will or no, they 'hall be gathered together : The Faithful [hell willingly come, as to Abfòlution ; the Wicked (hall be violently hailed, as to Con- demnation. a. There is no Appearing by a Pro/tor, or Attorney; but every one, in his own Perlon, muff give an account of himfelf to God.. g. No Denying : For the Books [hall be opened, Revel. 20. t 2. 4. No