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Ver. 3 7, 3 8, &c. xxvth Chapter of St. MATTHEW. 180 (2.) Of the Poor there are three forts. r. Pamperer Diaboli, the Devils Poor ; fuch as have riotoufly fpent their,Patri- monies, and reduced themfelves ed Raggsand B,eggery by their own Mif- government Thefe are not wholly to be excluded when their extream ; you give it to the Man, not to the Sin : It may work upon them, efpecially when you joyn fpiritual Alms with temporal. . 2. There are Pauperes Munk, the World's Poor ; fuch as come of poor Parents, and live in poor Eftate, thofe are to be relieved : There is a common lye of Na- ture between us and them, Ia. 58. 7. Thou fhalt not hide thy felt from thine own e . There are Pauperes Chrifli, Chrift's Poor ; fuch as have fuffered lofs bf Goods for Chrift's fake, or being otherwifè poor, profefs the Gofpel ; thefè efpecially fhould be relieved, Rom. 12. r 3. Diftribteting to the necefties of the Saints. And Gal. 6. to. Let us do good to all, efpecially to the Houfhold of Faith. There is an Order;. Firft, our own Families, our Parents, -our Children or Kindred, r Tim. i. 8. then Strangers ; and among them, thofe that profefs the fame Faith with us ; and then them who do moft evidence the reality of Faith by an holy Life ; and then to all, as occafion is offered. Reafons of this Duty, (r.) The near "Union that is Between Chrift and his People. Chrift and Believ- ers are one and the fame Myftical Body with Chrift their Head ; r Cor. r z. 12. For, ar the Body is one, and path many Members, and all the Members of that one Body be- sng'many, are one Body; fo is Chrrri : Now that Union comprizeth all. When one Member fuffereth, all the Members finer with it, ver. 26. There is a fympathy and fellow feeling : When you tread upon the Toe, the Tongue will cry out, and fay, Tow have hurt me. They cal} themfelves out of the Body, that have not common Joyes, and common Sorrows with the reff of the Members. (s.) Chrift hath commended them to us as his Proxies and Deputies : He himfelf receiveth nothing from us ; he is above our kindnefs, being exalted into the Hea- vens ; but in every Age he leaveth fame, to try the Refpei;ts of the World : Oh, what men would do for Chrift, if he were now. in the fleth l 'Tis an ufual deceit of Heart to betray our Duties by our wilhes : Now Chrift bath put Tome in his place ;. r. yob. 4. zo. If any man fay, I love God, and hateth his Brother, he is a Li- ar ; fir he that loveth not his Brother whom he kith feen, how can he love God whom he hath not feen? We would be as much prejudiced againft Chrift, as we are againft the godly Poor. That which your Servant receiveth by your order, you receive it : He receiveth your Refpeets by. the hands of the Poor ; he hath devolved this right on the Poor, as his Deputies, Mat. 26. i r. For ye have the Poor alwayes with you, but Me ye have not alwayes. We pretend much Love to Chrift ; if he were lick in a Bed, we would vifit him ; if in Prifon, or in want, we would relieve him : What is done to one of thefe, is done to him. (3.) 'Tis a great Honour put upon us, to be Inftruments of Divine Providence, and Prefervation of others. You are God's Subftitutes in-giving, as the Poor in re- ceiving: As Gods to them, we relieve and comfort them : He could give to them without thee, 'but God will put the honour of the work upon thee : This is the greareft Refemblance of God, A6í. 20. 35. 'Tir more Melted to give, than to receive : that is, more God-like. 'Tis a great Mercy to be able and willing ; Luk. 6. 36. Be ye tberefore merciful, as your Heavenly Father is mercifrl. The true advantage of Wealth is in relieving and fupporting others ; nothing fheweth our Conformity to God, fo much as this : Chrift faith not, if ye fall, ye (hall be like your heaven- ly Father, or if ye pray, or if ye prophefre, or if ye be learned ; but if ye be mer- ciful, as your Heavenly Father is merciful. Thou holdeft the place of God, and art as it were a God to them. (4.) The Profit of this Duty. It feemeth a lofs, but 'tis the moft gainful Trade in the'World : 'Tis the way to preferve your Eftates, to increafe them, to cleanfe them, to provide for Eternal Comfort in them. r. To keep what you have. Your Goods are belt fecured to you, when they are depofrted in God's hands ; yoù provide baggs that wax not old : Many an Eftate bath been wafted for want of Charity, yam. 2, 3. 2.' To increafe it, as Seed in the Ground : The- Husbandman getteth nothing by keep-